In a world where we spend approximately every free minute trying to binge-watch our favourite shows, it's no surprise that quotes and phrases from Netflix regulars keep cropping up in our everyday speak. And our WhatsApp convos. Here's a quick glossary of some of the most meme-ified phrases that you'll see again and again - so that you actually know what your friends are talking about for once. Instead of just pretending you do.

Hands up who loves a good Netflix binge-watch? Yep, it’s everyone.

Now, hands up who’s become so engrossed in a series that they’ve ended up using a quote from their favourite show IRL? Thought so. In fact, knew so.

We’ve recently done a massive research report (translation: binge-watched tons of shows and chatted to thousands of Three customers around the nation who love binge-watching as much as we do) called the Binge Files. It turns out that one of the interesting side effects of binge culture appears to be the growing number of people taking phrases from their TV heroes into the real world: 42% of 16-24s admitted that they mimicked the phrases of their favourite characters.

As Radio 1’s Ali Plumb – an avid binger of Breaking Bad – tells us: “Within days of blitzing as many episodes as possible, I was even crowbarring my favourite Breaking Bad lines into my everyday life, with ‘I am the one who knocks’ an easy drop-in when you’re trying to grab someone’s attention at work by rapping on their desk.’ While ‘Yeah b***h magnets!’ remains, essentially, impossible to get away with. Also, a lot of things in my life were ‘99.1% chemically pure.'”

What phrases are you constantly referencing in your WhatsApp chats? Or are you blindly responding to other people’s  binge-ified vocabulary without having a clue as to what your friends are actually saying? We’re here to help with our new Go Binge service, which lets you do all the TV, movie and music streaming you want – from brands including Deezer, SoundCloud, Netflix and TVPlayer – without eating into your data plan.

Here are our fave quotes from shows we can’t stop clicking ‘play next’ on. Try using in your next WhatsApp exchange, or IRL – if you’re feeling brave.


NetflixGetty via Gareth Cattermole

“I’ve made a huge mistake” – G.O.B.Arrested Development

One of the most meme-ivied phrases in the English language, “I’ve made a huge mistake” has attained cult status and is applicable in pretty much every situation poor G.O.B. has ever been in. He tries his best to be a decent person – well, sort-of – but somehow always ends up making a hash of his life, which is why this has become a recurring catchphrase for him. And us.

Use it: Any time you’re filled with instant remorse for your poorly thought-out actions, whether that’s eating too much curry or waking up next to someone you definitely shouldn’t be waking up next to.

“Let’s cook” – Walter White, Breaking Bad

Once upon a time this phrase would have been entirely innocuous for family man Walter White, but his dealings with the seedy underworld has given it a very different meaning now.

Use it: Any time you’re about to get up to no good. Or want to pretend you are.

“Lando!” – Dustin, Stranger Things

The characters on Stranger Things would have been obsessed with The Empire Strikes Back, which features the treacherous character Lando Calrissian. Precious cinnamon bun Dustin has a strong sense of justice, so he uses ‘Lando’ as an insult any time he thinks he’s been betrayed.  

Use it: The next time your SO skips ahead on the Netflix show you were supposed to be watching together.

“Get schwifty” – Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Rick and Morty

It’s a bit of an understatement to say mad scientist Rick and his angst-ridden grandson Morty have their share of crazy adventures, like the time they had to use their powers of musical improv to come up with a theme song for a new religion, as you do.

Use it: When you know you’re about to have a gooooood time.

“Sweet Christmas” – Luke Cage, Luke Cage

Considering all the horrors Marvel’s Luke Cage has endured you’d think his go-to catchphrase for shock and surprise would be a little more aggressive than the adorable ‘Sweet Christmas’. He’s such a good egg.

Use it: When you want to swear but there are kids around.

“The sickening! It’s happening!” – Dev Shah, Master of None

You’ve gotta do a lot of hard graft to make it in your dream job, as Dev well knows after taking part in a pretty rubbish B-movie called The Sickening.

Use it: When you’ve got a scratch at the back of your throat and you know an immunity 404 is imminent.

You don’t go Jessica Simpson when you’ve got Rihanna” – Lorna Morello, Orange is the New Black

Lorna Morello is hands down the sweetest character in OITNB, but also the most delusional. Still, she’s right about knowing how good you’ve got it, even if the subject of her bizarre fixations, Chris, doesn’t.

Use it: All the time. Especially when an idiot rejects you for someone less fabulous – their loss!

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo” – Jughead, Riverdale

Ah Jughead, you might be a raging weirdo but you’ve found a home in our hearts, even if we’re still getting over how crazy it was that you were Ben in Friends.

Use it: When your mates catch you trying to use your cat’s paw as your phone’s fingerprint scanner or eating crisps you found down the side of the sofa.

Pornstache” – Everyone, Orange is the New Black

None of the male characters in OITNB come off well, least of all George Mendez and his horrendous facial hair, which would be right at home in an adult film from the 1970s.

Use it: When your mate’s moustache goes awry, or when you get hit on by a creepy guy who really needs a date with a razor.

“Rickety-rickety-wrecked, son!” – Rick, Rick and Morty

If you’ve got your own name-appropriate buzz phrase for going on the lash, you’re probably a bit of a party star – and who wouldn’t want to party with Rick? Bet he’s got some stories.

Use it: When you’re already seeing double but are still 100% up for shots.

“Danger zone!” – Sterling Archer, Archer

Archer is the king of deadpan one-liners, but his fixation with Kenny Loggins’ seminal 80s classic rock song means he’s got a quick-fire response for literally every situation he finds himself in.

Use it: Basically however you want. Having a cheeky lie-in? Danger zone. Been caught fibbing to your boss? Danger zone. Trying to reach the TV remote with a rolled-up magazine instead of just getting up? Danger zone. You might not have Archer-levels of peril in your life but things do seem more exciting when you apply his mindset to everyday activities. Danger zone!


Main pic: Pexels via Startup Stock Photos