Which bingeing tribe do you fall into? Find out here...

With so many of us streaming our favourite films and TV shows, there’s a host of binge tribes and with Go Binge (find out about Go Binge from Dave Dyson here) you can stream all your shows to your heart’s content without worrying about your data allowance. But what is bingeing? And which binge tribe do you belong to?


The serial binger


For some, binge-watching is a rare treat, to be indulged in on occasion. For others, it’s a more regular thing. But for 25% of people, every TV show they watch is filed under BINGE AT ANY COST. And 1 in 10 save up a whole series to binge watch in one go.


The FOMO binger


Everybody’s talking about that new show. Every day, it’s all anyone at work will chat about. And for 5% of us, this fear of missing out (FOMO) dictates our viewing choices. 1 in 3 say that show watching is often a topic of conversation with family and friends. 1 in 10 think it’s cool to be in the know and up-to-date with the latest series, and another 1 in 10 feel that binge-watching benefits their social life. Nearly 1 in 5 need to be up-to-date with what’s happening in a show, perfect reason to Go Binge.


The excuse binger


Scared of missing a Jon Snow cliffhanger, or Piper’s latest scheme in Orange is the New Black, 10% of people will cancel a night out to ensure they don’t miss out on a potential slice of TV gold. 1 in 20 have lied about their plans in order to watch a series they love, made easier when you find out just how easy it is to go binge watch all your favourite’s with Three.


Rainy Day bingerVia The Binge Files

The rainy day binger


It wouldn’t be the UK without a reference to our favourite topic of conversation: the weather. And thanks to a lot of ours being, well, horrible, 12% of us are most likely to binge on our favourite shows during a deluge.


The pleaser binger


Strictly speaking, this isn’t really a legitimate tribe, as these guys don’t even watch anything! But to avoid being left out, 5% of people will Google a show plot, and then lie about having seen it. 11% choose to watch things based on what friends say, while 29% watch something on TV to catch up and feel part of a conversation. 1 in 20 will watch something with someone just to please them.


Moody bingerVia The Binge Files


The moody binger


40% of us choose what to watch based on mood, and it plays a big part in helping us narrow down the huge libraries of content on offer. So much so that some services now enable you to browse by mood. Over 16% watch a series or film to cheer themselves up after a bad week.



Night Owl bingerVia The Binge Files

The night owl binger


If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia you’ll be aware that, come midnight, the traditional TV schedule transforms into a pumpkin. Maybe this is why 17% of us binge between midnight and 4am.



Bathroom bingerVia The Binge Files

The bathroom binger


It would appear that, for some, life should never get in the way of a good binge, as 6% of people admitted to streaming in the bath. More worryingly, though, 10% fessed up to watching a TV show on the loo!



Cheating bingerVia The Binge Files

The cheating binger


In days past, watching a favourite TV show was a sociable affair, but streaming services provide much temptation. We found 5% of people admit to sneaking ahead on shows they started watching with a partner. 13% get annoyed when they start watching a show with a friend or partner who then watches ahead of them.


The bunk off binger


Does bingeing have an effect on the UK’s economy? Our findings would suggest it does, with 5% of people in our survey admitting that they had taken the next day off work after a heavy binge-watching session. Tut tut. 1 in 20 binge-watch to avoid work commitments and nearly 1 in 10 spend meetings discussing latest plots and scenes. You can also find out why people binge courtesy of the binge files.


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