It's time to bid adieu to our Three Blog. But we've got a brand-new, informative and fun Hub packed with articles on anything and everything phone-related. We think you're gonna love it...

For over six years, the Three Blog has been your tried-and-tested, go-to source for fun, phone-related news and information, as well as the latest from Three.

It’s the site you’d check when you wanted to win free stuff (The latest phones! Concert tix! Free holidays!) and the place you’d go to learn all about Three’s latest news – remember when we rolled out blackspot-busting 4G Super-Voice for free for all our customers?

The Three Blog is also the place you’d come to chat to us and ask us questions about your phones and when the latest devices would be in our stores. It also provided plenty of opportunities for you to let us know what was on your mind through your questions and comments.

Well, we’ve got some bad news. And some good news.

The bad news is, it’s time to say goodbye to the Three Blog. But we’re pleased to say we’ve got something even better for all of our fans, customers and the roughly 2 billion people out there who own a smartphone and want to get the most out of it.



It’s called the Three Hub, and it’s got everything you want to read about, need to know about and were hoping to discover about your smartphone (but never even knew existed).

On our new Hub, we bring you the latest phone, tech and industry News, from the iPhone 7’s must-have airpods to a project we’re working on called Reconnected, where we donate your old phones to people in need, who don’t have access to phones.

The Three Hub also brings you the latest in all things Tech, with informative articles that help you to keep track of your data usage, introduce you to must-know brands like Huawei and teach you cool things to make you a smartphone boss, like how to make festival-worthy films… using just your iPhone and a few key accessories.

There’s plenty of Fun content on there too, from our definitive ranking of iPhone alarms to the latest in gaming: romance gaming, where you can find a virtual significant other that does and says everything you want them to. Tempted?

We’ve also got the latest deals and offers from our new rewards app, wuntu, which gives you discounts and freebies every single week.

So yes, we pretty much have it all. The only thing you can’t do on our new Hub is leave comments or ask questions.

Not to worry – we’d still love a chat. Just find us on Facebook or Twitter and ask away. Or lavish us with praise. We like it all.

If you need help with your device, we’re available via Live Chat whenever you need.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our new home.

Main image: Via Pexels/Riccardo Bresciani