Got a long journey home ahead of you? Check out our ultimate list of the most binge-worthy shows and movies on Netflix now.

Are you fully prepared for your Christmas journey? Are you ready to rock the rolling rails, the queues, the delays, the dreaded squash and squish of fellow passengers or roads?

If you’re really, really ready you’ll have the most important item on your to-do list ticked – well, apart from your car keys, passport or train ticket, that is – Go Binge on Three, which lets you stream as much Netflix and TVPlayer as your Christmassy heart desires.

With this ultimate list of the most binge-worthy shows to watch on your device as you plane, train and automobile (though not the driver, please) your way to your holiday destination, you won’t be bored. No. You’ll be disappointed that your 8-hour journey was too short.


The TV

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Age: All

This utterly genius show will capture everyone’s attention. ASOUE is dark, it’s funny, it’s compelling and it is so strange and weird you can’t help but want to know what happens next. Also, there is a lot going for a child star that’s too young to talk, but capable of eating through anything.


Age: Adult

Darkly amusing and wittily brilliant, the only complaint that should be laid at police drama Babylon’s door is that it is just too darned short. If Danny Boyle could please just make more episodes, that would be lovely. Thank you.


Black Mirror

Age: Adult

Wow. If you want to reach your destination with your hair standing on end while staring at other passengers with aggressive terror, then Black Mirror is the series for you. If you’ve never watched it before, the good news is that it has 3 fat and full seasons of Charlie Brooker-inspired brilliance for you to enjoy. The bad news is that it has 3 fat and full seasons of Charlie Brooker inspired brilliance for you to enjoy. Welcome to the other side.


Age: PG-13

It is intense and violent and bloody, but Daredevil is also one of the best Marvel shows on TV at the moment. Every season will carry you along a twisted, morally engaging and superhero-inspired pathway that will keep you coming back for more. Unlike the disastrous Iron Fist, this is a binge that ranks among the best. If you MUST add some more bingy hero action to the mix, watch the Defenders as it is superb once you drag your tired eyeballs past episode three.


Age: Adult

Remember that Coen Brothers movie that was so desperately odd and slow and random that you couldn’t stop watching? Now put it into a TV series where every season uses different actors and storylines. Fargo boasts Billy Bob Thornton at his absolute best and an alien spaceship that remains, to this day, baffling but strangely relevant.

The Movies

Back to the Future

Age: All

Where most of the movies from the 80’s have dated, this one is just as awesome today as it was when BTTF first hit the screen. From pervy tree dads to the impromptu invention of rock’n’roll and skateboards, literally everything you’ll ever need is crammed in there. Now please join us in a moment’s silence for the fact that the date of Marty McFly’s arrival in the future has now passed.


Age: Adult

Maybe don’t watch Everest if you’re planning on embarking upon an expedition to, y’know, Everest any time soon. Or, if you’re one of those ‘worst case scenario’ sorts, maybe do. Either way, prepare to grip the arms of your seat as Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal take you across one of the world’s bleakest and most challenging landscapes. You’ll almost feel as if you’ve defeated the peak yourself when it’s over.

Jurassic World

Age: PG

Yesss. Look, maybe all the dinosaur movies are a tad shlocky, but seriously – dinosaurs. And roaring. And running away from a T-Rex in stilettos (the lady doing the running, that is, not the T-Rex). Ok, the last bit will hopefully change in the next installment, but if you’re after lots of biting and running and shouting and roaring action, you’ve come to the right place, buddy. YOU’RE IN JURASSIC WORLD NOW.

The Big Short

Age: Adult

It might be about the 2007-8 US financial crisis, but pass this movie over at your peril. With top-notch performances from Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt; almost insanely brilliant scripting; superb quality directing and a drag-you-by-the-hairs kind of storyline, The Big Short will grip and entertain you from the moment you slap on your headphones.


Age: 15 plus

It may seem like a fluffy bunny, yay for animals movie with little girls, but in reality Okja is a gritty, dark and gruelling film. It pays homage to animal activism and holds no punches when it comes to meat factories, death and the carnage wreaked by the human race, so maybe think twice about showing it to your 6-year-old niece.



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