Patchy, unreliable Internet and slow speeds? Now genuinely a thing of the past – and you don’t even need a fixed line to get it. Introducing Home-Fi, the router that will get you dependably connected to the rest of the world.

We can all agree that in today’s fast-moving world, slow and unpredictable Internet simply isn’t an option, for work, for play, for socialising or for family relations.

Think about it: whether you’re downloading wedding day pics featuring your nearest and dearest, WhatsApping mum on her cruise holiday or quickly trying to finish up a work project at home before you head off on a flight the next morning, a reliable Internet connection is as essential as air to most of us.

That’s why we put our heads together to work on a solution to making patchy Internet a thing of the past, for everyone.

Enter Home-Fi. Buy the box, plug it in, get online.

And… that’s it. It’s genuinely that easy to use. It’s similar to Mi-Fi, but for your entire home.

Home-Fi doesn’t require a fixed line to work, so the benefits are numerous – and work for people across all walks of life.

Are you living in a remote location that relies on an old copper cable for your Internet (and therefore face constant buffering and distortions whenever you try to get online?)

Home-Fi can help.

Recently moved house and currently living in that awful period of having no broadband and an installation date pencilled into the calendar several weeks away?

Home-Fi to the rescue.

Part of a group of students living in shared housing? Home-Fi will get you connected. Small business that has moved to temporary offices for six months? Home-Fi will get your Internet up and running, quickly, easily and cheaply. With no lengthy installation process required.

And – most importantly – Home-Fi is reliable, with quick Internet speeds and great connectivity.

As many as 32 wireless devices can be connected to one router, making Home-Fi the most considerate early Christmas present we could think of to give the 172 residents of the lovely and remote village of Hebron, Northumberland, in December 2016.

Dependable, working Internet, hassle-free.

Really, what’s better than that?

If you’re game – then visit Three‘s website and order your HomeFi today. We’ll be able to sort you out 😉 

Main pic: Pexels via Caio