Patchy, unreliable internet and slow speeds? Not any more. Introducing Home-Fi Plus: internet you can rely on, now available with Unlimited data.

The internet – from connecting smart home devices, to gaming and even home working– we use it for everything. And for all that to work as seamlessly as it should, a reliable connection is vital.  Slow, flaky internet just doesn’t cut it.

So, we put our heads together and came up with HomeFi Plus. It makes patchy internet a thing of the past, for everyone

Home FiPexels via Pixabay

Enter HomeFi Plus

Buy the box, plug it in and get online. That’s it. HomeFi Plus works in a similar way to Mobile Wi-Fi, but for your entire home.

Sounds good, right? And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you can now get Unlimited data for £22 a month.

Why pick HomeFi Plus?

Not only does it give you reliable internet, it doesn’t need a fixed line to work. That means there’s no installation needed either, you just plug and play. It’s that easy. You can connect up to 64 wireless devices too, perfect if you’re sharing a flat or have a smart home system. There are tonnes of ways HomeFi Plus can help all kinds of people.

Do you live in a remote area that relies on an old copper cable for your internet? Are you sick of those annoying buffer wheels?

HomeFi Plus is here to help you get connected.

Recently moved house? If you’re in that weird period without broadband, toughing it out ‘til the next available installation date, HomeFi Plus can help.

Part of a group of students living in shared housing? HomeFi Plus will get you all connected.

Small business that has moved to temporary offices for 6 months? HomeFi Plus will get your internet up and running quickly, easily and cheaply. With no lengthy installation process.

And, most importantly – it’s reliable, with quick internet speeds, and great connectivity.

So, if fast, dependable internet and Unlimited data is a bit of you, order your HomeFi Plus today.


And what if you live life on the go? You need reliable Mobile Wi-Fi, right? We’ve got your back there too. You can get Unlimited data for £22 a month on Mobile Wi-Fi too. That means you can stay connected and use as much data as you like, while you’re out and about.



Main pic: Pexels via Caio