Well, we’ve been banging on about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro for weeks now. Now it’s ready to order, we’ve taken an even deeper dive into its amazing features – and its helpfulness, intelligence and efficiency have been real food for thought, if you ask us. It takes clever photos One of the most impressive […]

Well, we’ve been banging on about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro for weeks now. Now it’s ready to order, we’ve taken an even deeper dive into its amazing features – and its helpfulness, intelligence and efficiency have been real food for thought, if you ask us.

It takes clever photos

One of the most impressive things about the Huawei Mate series is the cameras, co-engineered with Leica who only have a century of photographic expertise under their belts, no biggie. The Mate 10 Pro is no different, with 12MP (colour) and 20MP (monochrome sensor) lenses on the back – both of which have the widest apertures on the market, meaning it can do an effortless job with low-light conditions.

Pair this with the EMUI 8.0’s ability to detect what you’re photographing (your baby, a dog, lunch…) and adjust the settings to capture them perfectly, and you’ve got some seriously intelligent photography. Unlike Pete, who nagged you to make him the official photographer at your engagement party then sent you 150 shots of his mates after laying into the free bar. No one’s forgetting that one, Pete.

It’s speedy as heck

The Mate 10 Pro makes brilliant use of Huawei’s Kirin 970 processor – so you’ll be breezing from one app to the other with next to no lag. A lot of apps which rely on AI do all their processing via cloud – which can slow things down. The Kirin 970, however, lets your phone do a lot of that thinking itself.

Whether you’re putting your photos through Prisma or playing Pokémon Go, you’ll find you’re hanging around a lot less. Basically the exact opposite experience you’ll have whenever Rachael gets ready at your house. Could she restyle her hair any more times? The Uber has been honking his horn for like, 20 minutes, and you’re so tense you’ve put fingernail marks in your palms.

It powers up fast and keeps going all day

The Mate 10’s stonking 4000mAh battery charges up to 60% in 30 minutes, thanks to Huawei SmartCharge, which tailors the intake of power to your battery’s current status to give you the speediest, safest power top-up for your phone. Once fully charged, you can get up to 50 hours of snapping, streaming and sharing activity before your phone needs a pit-stop. Not like Danny. Remember when you guys went to Bestival and he keeled over at 9pm and went back to bed so you had to watch Dizzee Rascal by yourself? Have a word with yourself, Danny.

It’s great for bingewatching

With a 6-inch full HD+, OLED screen and a seriously lovely range and depth of colour – plus that tasty battery we just mentioned – you’re going to want to watch a ton of Netflix on this bad boy. Add Go Binge to the mix and you can stream stacks of seriously stunning telly everywhere you go, with no impact on your data allowance. Got hooked on Stranger Things 2 Sunday evening? Let your viewing continue on the bus on Monday morning. Just don’t tell Joanne, ‘cos she’s going to blab the ending to you in one of her mad voice messages. YOU RUINED PEAKY BLINDERS, JOANNE.

It can anticipate your needs

Thanks to EMUI 8.0 – that’s Huawei’s OS to you and us – your Mate 10 Pro’s neural processing unit will take notes as you use it it, transforming these insights into predictions of your mobile use patterns. Anticipating what you’re going to do next on your phone will make unlocking it, firing up apps and switching between them faster and more intuitive – and protect your data use and battery life. It really does get to know you, unlike Roy – who still buys you fishing gear each birthday, regardless of your lifelong aquaphobia and passionate vegetarianism. Urgh, Roy.



It doesn’t muck about

The Mate 10 Pro’s user interface and home screen is beautifully customisable, so your regular app use is incredibly streamlined. You can configure a floating dial of your most-used actions, and even set up shortcuts to frequently used app features on your Homescreen, such as ‘Take selfie’ or ’email Deborah’. And you will definitely email Deborah, to have a strict word about her behaviour during your son’s Christening. ‘Lolz’ is NOT a churchworthy justification, Deborah.

It keeps private things private

Have you got photos, videos and even chats (omg you nawty!) you’d prefer keep to yourself? The Huawei Mate 10 Pro has PrivateSpace, which allows you to create a separate area on your phone for your, erm, discreet stuff. No more accidentally flashing Auntie Carol when showing her pics of your new kitchen! You can even set up two WeChat apps – one in the everyday part of your phone and another in your virtual Batcave – and keep certain things firmly under wraps. Don’t you wish Paula would do this? Oh look, another Facebook post about her dog’s hysterectomy this lunchbreak: PAULA Y THO.

It can control your other devices

Weirdly, it’s previously been the lower-spec phones fitted out with the infra-red blasters – but the makers of the Mate 10 Pro know the unfettered joy of changing channels without having to hunt for your remote. You can link multiple devices into one universal remote, and stay in control of everything in your living room. It also means you can hide the actual remote from Dean, so he can’t flick furiously through the channels every time there’s an ad break, then forget which channel you were originally watching. Dean needs to chill in general tbh.

It makes keeping in touch easier

Now, here’s a nice little gimmick if you’re big on networking. If someone hands you a business card, just snap a pic of it and your Mate 10 Pro will automatically scan the image for words and stuff then input those details straight into your Contacts. It’s called Business Card Manager – and quite frankly Diane needs this in her life due to her inability to store numbers. What, who is this texting, Diane? It’s only your former BRIDESMAID.  NEVER MIND.

It can take on the big jobs

Get an adaptor and you can hook your Mate 10 Pro up to a bigger screen, like a monitor or a TV, and pair it with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard – hey presto, it’s a gosh darn flipping computer! You can even use your phone as a trackpad instead of a mouse. If you need to make some vital corrections to a spreadsheet or two before bedtime,  your new work-from-home lifesaver can take on any task with aplomb. Definitely mention this to Terry, because that website he said he’d build you in 2015 is just a tad overdue. It’s under-promise and over-deliver, Terry; look it up, mate.

Have we convinced you? Order the Huawei Mate 10 Pro today and prepare to live a more streamlined life – in more ways than one, probably.