Still thinking about whether or not to take the plunge and go for an iPhone 6s? C'mon, you know you want to... that display, the sleek design (and rose gold hue) and faster speed and performance than your iPhone 5s.

We all love getting our hands on the latest, greatest gadgets, and when it comes to Apple devices it’s hard not to get excited when something new comes along. Even though this year’s new iPhone is on the horizon, lots of us are still hanging on to a much older version of our beloved Apple phone.

With our mobile upgrade deals you can bag yourself the iPhone 6s and experience everything this dependable Apple device has to offer.

It’s easy to upgrade and you can do it all online. Just check your eligibility and away you go.

If you’ve got an iPhone 5s and still need some persuading, take a look at what you’re missing out on…



1. iPhone 6s display

If you’re looking to upgrade, one of the biggest deciding factors could be the screen size on the iPhone. You get a 4.7in display compared with the 4in display on your iPhone 5s. Along with this, you move from the IPS LCD screen to Retina HD LCD screen. This makes colour saturation and image quality better than ever.



2. iPhone 6s processor

When it comes to speed and performance there’s no denying that the A9 chip in the iPhone 6s is streaks ahead of the A7 chip in your iPhone 5s.

Browsing, streaming and multi-tasking are faster and smoother. And, without getting too technical, the internal spec improvements make the iPhone 6s an obvious upgrade choice.



3. iPhone 6s camera

If you upgrade from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6s you’ll be moving from an 8MP rear camera to a whopping 12MP camera.

And the iPhone 6s camera can record 4K video too, with an improved autofocus for all your pictures and videos.

You also get a 5MP selfie camera (compared to a much smaller 1.2MP on the iPhone 5s) with the addition of an ingenious front-facing flash for perfect day and night pics.



4. 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

With 3D Touch you can press down on the screen to pull up menus, activate shortcuts and interact with the iPhone in different ways. 

Navigating around the iPhone 6s is so much quicker and easier than the iPhone 5s, so why not come into your nearest Three store and try it for yourself? And yes, you will be able to play with the actual live device to see how easily it slips into the pocket of your skinnier-than-skinny jeans.

Main pic credit: Via Pixabay/DariuszSankowsky