The iPhone accessories you've wanted - for every time of day - really exist. From the waterproof case to the portable printer, these are iPhone accessories you won't believe you managed to live without. Until now. Kind of how we feel about our lives before the iPhone existed 10 years ago, huh?

It’s been 10 years since iPhone changed the face of mobile phones, and we can firmly say we’d never be without our trusty device now. Especially now they’ve unveiled the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and brand spanking new iPhone X.

Whether you’re working, exercising, holidaying or just binge-watching in bed, your iPhone is sure to be by your side 24/7, so we’ve compiled our favourite iPhone accessories to get you through the week.



On the commute


Thanks to Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, Bluetooth headphones (hello, AirPods!) are now a must, but even if you’re not using the newest iPhone they’re a big win for the commute. No more accidental ripping of your earbuds from your ears as you desperately search for your Oyster card in your overfilled vintage satchel – lucky you.

There’s a million-and-one Bluetooth headphones to choose from, but we love Kitsound’s sleek and simple ribbon earphones. They have great sound quality, so enjoyment of your Discover Weekly playlist won’t be compromised, and also offer an in-line mic for when you need to take calls on the move, like the high-powered business person you are.



At the office


You’ve made it this far, well done. Now we just need to get you through the next 8 hours at the office. Work can be dull without an occasional (read: constant) stream of WhatsApp messages and Instagram likes to keep your spirits up, so make sure your iPhone is in full view at all times with this handy phone stand from Standeazy.

Lunch break? No problem. Pack the portable stand into your wallet and off to the burrito shop you go. Keep your phone guac-free as you get up to date on the latest Netflix must-watch, without using up a single drop of data thanks to Go Binge.



On your bike


It’s 6pm – break free my friend! It’s time to smash some Strava segments; Marcus from the office needs to be brought down a peg or two, you’re King of the Mountain now.

You’ll be getting up to at least 80kph while doing your best Chris Froome impression, so a securely mounted phone is a must. We love Joby’s GripTight bike mount, which can hold your phone in portrait or landscape mode. Since it can adjust to any phone model, if you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone soon you won’t need to replace the case.


iPhone accessoriesVia Griffin


On a night out


Thursday is the new Friday. Wednesday is the new Thursday. Tuesday is probably the new Wednesday. All this cavorting is high-risk for iPhone screen smashes.

Enjoy your night out, safe in the knowledge that your iPhone is well looked after by Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain case, which offers 4-layer protection that can handle drops onto concrete from 3m and comes with a handy locking clip for fastening onto your jeans or backpack. Since it’s built to withstand the rough outdoors, surely it can handle a night of you in the club?



The weekend getaway


You’ve made it! Friyay! Let’s get outta here.

Satnavs are very last season, so we assume you’re using your iPhone to navigate to your weekend destination.

Stay safe while on route, but more importantly, emulate a futuristic spy and/or rally driver, by getting your hands on a Hudway Heads Up Display. The device projects your directions onto a clear glass screen, allowing you to view directions without blocking visibility, as well as tracking fuel consumption, speed, and providing driving guidance for safer navigating.



Visiting the beach? If you have the latest iPhone 8 or 8 Plus then you’ve got IP97 protection (up to 1m), but for older devices and protection against sand, consider the Overboard waterproof phone pouch.

As well as being waterproof to a depth of 6 metres, the case comes with a snazzy lanyard and will float, so you don’t have to worry about your phone sleeping with the fishes should it slip out of your sun-creamy grasp. If you’re lucky enough to be beaching abroad, you can use your data for free with Go Roam.


iPhone accessoriesDxO One via Muriel Franceschetti


Obviously you’ll need to make sure your InstaStory is top quality to ensure maximum jealousy at the water cooler on Monday morning, so it’s worth investing in DxO One’s professional camera add-on for iPhone. This tiny camera plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port (aka charging hole) to transform your photo experience, giving all the functionality of a professional camera.



On Sunday night

The weekend may be over, but your memories can live on. Extract them from your iPhone and let them live forever at the front of your fridge with the help of Prynt’s smartphone mini printer, which prints Polaroid-style pics straight from your iPhone (and here’s everything you ever wanted to know about printing from your iPhone or iPad).


Main image: Pexels via Miesha Moriniere