As if your Samsung phone wasn't already smart enough, we've gone and tracked down all our favourite gadgets to turn it into just about anything you want it to be. Seriously. An app that locks your front door for you? Found it. Or how about lightbulbs that are completely controlled by your smartphone so you can create any ambience before you walk in the door? Sign us up. And tell us more...

Most of us probably have Samsung tech in our home somewhere without even realising it – Samsung is the underrated king of the household appliance and basically all things technology.

The next generation of Samsung phones have landed, the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e and we’re in love with them already 😍

One of the reasons people can’t get enough of their Samsung is because of all of the cool tech on offer – that you can control with a tap here and a swipe there – thanks to your Samsung device.

Think of it like technology inception.

With all the capabilities of your high-powered Samsung at the end of your fingertips, the cool tech innovations and gadgets out there make the perfect companion for your phone.

They’re also really good at life – and can help to simplify yours for you – so you have more time for all that fun stuff.

We’re not just talking about Samsung wearable tech – although there’s plenty of that to choose from, like the Welt (wellness belt – it’s pretty cool once you ignore the name), the new fitness-friendly Gear IconX cord-free earbuds and the much-talked-about Gear VR.

There’s also the Gear 360 VR camera, which helps each and every photo you take look seriously profesh. And turns any boring old landscape shot into a momentous sweeping panorama, we have the reasons you NEED a 360-camera.

Check out these other awesome bits of compatible tech to sync up with your Samsung device. Warning: they’re likely to change your life. In a good way.


You know that sinking feeling when you can’t find your phone? Only to have your flatmate ring it… and find it’s stuffed down the sofa behind an old sock and a microwave dinner packet?

Now imagine if you could keep track of your Galaxy S7 (or S8, future you).  And your bag, keys, laptop and wallet. In fact, imagine being able to keep track of anything you can pretty much conceive of losing that you’d really prefer to hang onto.

And then imagine no more, because that’s exactly what the Tile does.

Simply attach it to any item you don’t want to lose and link it up with your smartphone for ‘round-the-clock tracking.

For this to work with your Samsung, all you need is the app for Android (and a constant fear of losing things).


Another amazing gadget for bringing panic levels down from “OH NO! MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!” to (a much-healthier), “Meh. I’ve got this,” Lockitron is a household lock that is controlled by your smartphone.

Let’s allow that to sink in. A lock. That you can lock with your Samsung.

Gone are the days of being late to work because you had to go back and triple-check your front door, because locking your door can now be done from your phone.

The door even unlocks for you as you return home. No more fiddling around for keys. Ever again.  

Again, it’s as simple as buying the tech and installing the Android app, then letting your Samsung do the hard work for you.

Bonus: It also has the name of a Transformer, which means it may or may not do loads of other cool stuff once the thing is firmly attached to your door.



Samsung Smart Things

We told you Samsung knew about home tech and the Internet of Things and all of that cool stuff otherwise known as the Future, and we meant it.

If you ever needed proof, then Samsung SmartThings is the perfect packaging of super-smart technology and functional household appliances, all rolled into one shiny package.

The beauty of SmartThings is that it’s not just about controlling your home, but connecting it, tracking it and securing it at the same time. This is the future people, it’s Intelligent Living – and not in a terrifying Black Mirror way.

If you’ve already got the Samsung Galaxy S7, now is the time to make your home Samsung-certified and you’ll never look back. Promise.

The SmartThings Hub might be the best place to start: it can connect to hundreds of compatible smart devices wirelessly, allowing you to adjust your thermostats, make your lights turn on and off in response to motion and even lock your garage – from absolutely anywhere.


Samsung compatible techVia Philips


If you thought mood lighting was the difference between lights on or lights off, then think again.

Philips Hue has the answer to all of your lighting needs. Hosting a party? Try the colour and ambience hue. Settling down to read a book? White ambience will create the perfect low-level light you need to get cosy with your Kipling. It’s also the perfect soothing go-to-sleep and wake-up-gently lighting for your home.

Once you’ve chosen the lights you want, just download the Android app for your Samsung, and your phone will do the rest.  

Playstation 4

If gaming is more your bag than ambient lighting, then there’s some good news for you, too.

In just a few simple steps, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy (or another Samsung) to your console and get the most out of the gaming experience.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Playstation App, just select “Connect PS4” in the bottom left corner, followed by the “Second Screen” option.

Then select your console, enter the code that appears on your screen and register. And… that’s it.

Feel free to browse PlayStation profiles and trophies, or to purchase content from the app, which will download automatically to your console.

There are also several PS4 games, such as Battlefield 4, which offer companion functionality with the app, which means you can make changes to the game and characters from your mobile, and those changes will automatically transfer to your console.

Keen to chat with fellow gamers? Then download the PlayStation Messages app for Android.

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