Watching live TV will always be part of our streaming lives, says TVPlayer COO Rob Hodgkinson. Here's why...

Despite the numbers of people binge-watching TV shows in recent years (if you need to know more about bingeing, we have the answers) increasing – and having a definite impact on the way our favourite programmes are now produced and distributed – live TV and streaming is still hugely popular, no matter what the age demographic.

Watching TV continues to be the third most popular activity (3 1⁄2 hrs) in the average person’s day in the UK, after sleeping (8 hrs) and working (4 hrs),” explains Rob Hodgkinson, COO at TVPlayer.”

And what’s fascinating is how live TV streaming can currently sit alongside services like Netflix, due to the fact that it is best to watch as-it-happens. Even more so now with Go Binge letting you stream ’til your heart’s content without worrying about data. This is backed up by the findings of the Binge Files, which revealed that 55% of 25-34-year-olds had watched a live-streamed event, with 37% of people saying sports topped their live-viewing list.

“TVPlayer is the perfect complement to Netflix binges,” says Rob. “The vast majority of TV consumption continues to be live TV. All the industry forecasts point to live TV continuing to be the principal mode of TV consumption until at least 2025.



“England football matches are particularly popular – we had over 150,000 simultaneous streams of England v Iceland at the 2016 Euros (roughly half of the Icelandic population). We had to fire up some NASA-grade servers to keep our streaming audiences happy with the quality of our service.”

And following sports, gigs (29% streaming) and news (26% streaming) are the most popular kinds of content to consume via a live stream.

“Elections are keenly watched by our audience,” Rob explains. “Whether it is deciding the next President of the United States or the eviction of Jedward from Celebrity Big Brother, our viewers are huge consumers of immediacy – they want to know immediately how the people have voted.”

For both viewers and advertisers, live content has a huge number of benefits (which you can watch with TVPlayer on Go Binge, you can find out more about it from Three’s CEO Dave Dyson), and with live TV, technology has made it even more compelling. No one wants to stumble across a social spoiler on Twitter or Facebook (26% of people in the UK citing this as the primary reason to watch live content). And there’s the fun you can have with multiple screens when viewing a live event. 41% of those people questioned in the Binge Files revealed they watch live TV to feel part of an event and join a conversation. And if you want definitive proof, we have just one word for you: Eurovision.

The top 5 Live Streams


Sporting events
TV programmes
Gig, festival or music event
News conference or news event
A friend’s night out


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Main pic: Unsplash via Jeremy Bishop