Whether you're a festival virgin or a seasoned pro, your mobile battery dying is still the worst. We've picked out a few battery saving tips and ideas to help your phone make it through the festival season.

If you Google “festival tips” one of the most common suggestions is to just leave your shiny smartphone safely at home, and to either go without it (gasp!) or to get yourself a cheap ‘festival phone’ instead.

While a festival phone might not break your heart or bank balance if it ends up in the mud, if you’re already breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about leaving your phone at home for a full weekend, we feel you.

From finding your tent in a packed campsite, checking band times to finding that friend that always goes AWOL, your phone can be your best mate at a festival. Doing all that stuff can drain your battery though, and a festival is the last place you want that to happen.

We’ve pulled together some of the best ways to keep your phone safe, and your battery charged this festival season.


How to save battery

If, after forking out for your festival ticket, you’re a little strapped for cash and getting a new phone isn’t going to happen, we’ve got you.

We thought we’d help by rounding up some battery life saving tips and ideas to help your phone survive festival season.

Turn down screen brightness

With screens that are bigger and brighter than ever, it’s no surprise that turning down your screen brightness can squeeze out some extra life from your battery.


Switch off mobile data

Not altogether but, just for apps that you’re not going to be using while you’re living your best festival life. This’ll save you a chunk of battery life.

Here’s how you can switch off mobile data on Android and iPhone.


Turn off automatic app updates

Just like turning off mobile data, turning off automatic app updates can help save you some important battery life that could be better used for Snapchatting or finding your mates in the crowd.

Need more info? We’ve got you. Here’s how to switch off automatic updates on iPhone, and how to do it on Android.


Portable chargers

If you’re planning on making the most of Snapchat now being part of Go Binge, your battery might not thank you.

A portable charger means you’ve got extra juice to hand when you need it. We’d recommend picking one that’ll give your phone at least a full charge. You can check this by dividing the portable charger’s mAh rating by your phone’s battery capacity.


Battery charging cases

If you’d prefer a charger that’s even more lightweight, that’s where battery charging case come into play. They’re easy to use and don’t take up much space. Perfect if you want to spend most of your time as close to the front as possible and don’t fancy messing around with chargers and cables.


Plan ahead

Losing your phone is a nightmare; especially if you’re at a festival. If you don’t get a chance to use Find my Phone, stay one step ahead and back up your phone before you go. That way, if the worst happens, your stuff will be safe.

Changing your background and lock screen to a picture of your name and contact info is also a good idea so, if someone finds your phone they’ll be able to try and get it back to you.


Get a protective case

We all know that protective cases aren’t always the coolest of accessories, but a good one will help to keep your precious phone safe from mud, puddles and even stamping feet. Most heavy-duty phone cases will protect your phone if it gets dropped and some can even keep it safe if it gets submerged in liquid – not having to worry about muddy puddles at a festival sounds pretty good, right?

They can be a bit pricey though, so if you’re skint after buying your festival ticket and you’re looking for a cheaper option, a zip-lock bag can become a temporary, splash-proof cover. Just remember that it definitely won’t protect your phone in a mosh pit.


Three Rescue

Festivals usually mean the worst for phones, from getting dropped in the mud and stomped on, to accidentally taking a dip in a pint. So, do yourself and your bank balance a favour and make sure that you’ve got Three Rescue.

If your phone gets lost, stolen or accidentally damaged, we’ll get you back up and running ASAP.