Saving money is hard... which is why we're here to help. We've got some mobile phone deals you won't be able to resist. Can you hear those extra coins jangling in your pocket yet?

Saving money is difficult. After all, there are extravagant purchases to be had.

Fiscal responsibility hangs over us like a cloud: why shouldn’t you purchase another pair of shoes? Your collection won’t look complete with just 29 pairs, you need an even 30. You should also probably treat yourself to a nice meal at least seven days a week, and that expensive holiday? Go for it.

OK, OK, we aren’t the best at giving financial advice, but what we are good at is saving you money on mobiles.

We’re already the best network for data, but here at Three we won’t sit on our laurels; we’re out there getting the best mobile phone deals to save you some serious cash (though we’re not just limiting it to mobile phone deals).

I mean think of all the things we waste money on, unused gym memberships, lottery tickets, chocolate digestives, 5p plastic bags and those electric shock ab things to go along with your unused gym membership.

Here are some of our best mobile deals to help you save a little bit more to spend on all those ridiculous things you simply can’t resist. And if you aren’t fussed about your phone’s features and just need it to do the basics, we’ve got a whole range of phones starting at just £7 per month. Bargains galore! Just remember, all these deals end on May 16th, so get spending 😉

Samsung Galaxy S8Three UK

Samsung Galaxy S8

The new big daddy of phones, edge-to-edge screen, sexy button-less front display, 64GB of internal storage and the envy of new iPhone owners, 3.5mm headphone jacks.

We’re offering some serious savings on the phone that everyone wants to get their mitts on, with £99 upfront and from £35/month. Or, get 12GB for only £45 a month (and £99 upfront). Bixby will soon be yours!

If you’re still rocking an S6 and looking to move into S7 territory, the Samsung S7 edge (which we’re now stocking in that stylish Blue Coral shade) can be yours from £29, with £99 upfront. Or get 30GB for only £46 a month (paying only £49 upfront).


If this isn’t the definition of a deal, we don’t know what is – just for being part of our network you have access to competitions, vouchers and discounts from our partners like Gousto, and Download our Wuntu app and get access for the best price possible, free.

iPhone 7

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your iPhone, the really amazing deal we’re offering at the moment might just give you the impetus you need. Get your new iPhone from £28 a month, paying £149 upfront. Or go for more data with 30GB for just £45 a month, and £99 upfront.

If you’re hankering after the special-edition red version, you’ll need to choose either the 128GB or 256GB size (So. Much. Storage!) with prices starting at £31 a month on our Essential plans, with a £149 upfront cost.


Our SIM-only plans are designed for people who are happy with their handsets but just looking for some great deals. We’re offering can’t-beat rates starting at just £5 a month on our Essentials Plan, and with 4GB of data from £9. Or if you need more data, and all the perks (all you can eat texts, 4G, Feel At Home), get 30GB for just £18. Just think of all the Netflix… (track just how much data you’re using here).

All the Dongles & MiFi

Nowadays everyone’s on the go. When are you ever in one spot all the time? We know you need mobile broadband.

Three offer 20GB for the price of 10GB on all our mobile broadband dongles and MiFi. How else will you Wikipedia the lifespan of a swan (when you meant to look up battery types but got distracted), look up the footie scores or check your ex’s Facebook/Insta/Twitter (and then cry for a bit) on the move?

Huawei P10 Plus

You probably don’t know how to pronounce Huawei (in which case you see here), but with a stunning 5.5” quad-HD display and a 12MP and 20MP Leica dual back camera, this is one phone that everyone’s talking about.

On our advanced plan, you can get 12GB of data for the price of 4GB at varying plans. Lower data plans start at £29 a month.


Main pic: Via Getty