Don't let yourself down this New Year's Eve. Have one to remember with Three's top tips and apps to make it a fab night, no matter what.

Well, here we are. Christmas has summoned us back to our home towns, and given the whole gang the chance to hook up for a big reunion or a New Year’s Eve to remember. It all sounds so easy. But where do you turn to find out just what’s going on? And where do you go for your big celebration to see in 2019?


When is New Year’s Eve, and is it a bank holiday?

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but New Year’s Eve is the day before New Year’s Day! New Year’s Eve is on 31st December, and this year that’s on a Monday. Unlike Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, though, New Year’s Eve isn’t a bank holiday, so unless you’ve booked it off on annual leave, you might be stuck heading into the office! A lot of companies will do half-days for employees, but it’s best to check with your employer or book some holidays if you’re not sure.

Where to go for New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re planning to go to the local bar, or you’re looking for the biggest and best celebration around, there’s a few ways to search where to go for New Year’s Eve.


The TimeOut app will help you discover your city in a whole new way, and even features an event finder to inspire your plans. There’s a trip planner, a travel guide and a customisable homepage to save all of your favourite spots and plans to. Plus, it works in cities around the world, so you don’t need to be in the UK to have a great time. As a bonus, it’s free!


What to do for New Year’s Eve

So you’ve made some plans on where to go, but what do you want to get up to? You might be a big fan of partying out and about, having a drink (or several) at home or even just staying in for some family fun. We’ve got an app for each of you!

For those crazy house parties: Mixology

Mixology is an amazing app for anyone trying to impress their friends without paying out more than their rent on drinks in a busy club or pub. With nearly 8000 drink and cocktail recipes programmed in and a bunch of clever bartending tips in the palm of you hand, you can become the life of the party without ever leaving your home.


For heading out on the town: Snapchat

You never want to forget the amazing New Year’s Eve party memories…Or maybe there’s some you’d rather do without! But for capturing every moment, grab your friends, slap a dog filter up and start snapping. With the ability to add your pics and vids to your story, all of your friends can see how great a time you’re having, and you can watch it back to work out exactly which drink it was that sent you stumbling home! Plus, with Go Binge you can use Snapchat without using any of your data. Score!


For some good old fashioned family fun: Heads Up!

Not everyone’s into partying, drinking and loud music, and that’s completely ok! If you’re planning on spending your New Year’s Eve accompanied by nothing more than Jools Holland and the London fireworks on TV, why not spice things up with one of our favourite games. Heads Up! is a great game involving holding your phone to your forehead, and having your friends or family try and explain the word showing on the screen. It’s like a digitised version of the post-it note game, and it’s great fun. Plus, the app records everything your contestants do to help you guess your word, so you can watch it back for a great laugh at any time.