Running out of data is rubbish. It's even worse when it ruins that Snapstreak you've been working hard on. If you hate that as much as we do, we've got some exciting news for you...

First things first – Snapchat (for those of you that don’t know) is a social media app that you can use to send photos, videos and messages to friends or groups. If you’ve not got a clue how to get started with Snapchat and want to know the difference between a lens and a filter, have a peek at So, what is Snapchat anyway?  – it’s got everything you need to know.

If you’re more experienced in the Snapchat world of Snapstreaks and stories, listen up.

Let’s set the scene: you’ve hit your best Snapstreak to date – it’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication but you’ve done it. From covert Snaps at work to some of your best selfies and all the silly Snaps in-between. You’re planning your next Snap, trying to decide which filter to use (we vote puppy dog – a Snapchat classic) when the worst happens…you run out of data. That can only mean one thing, your Snapstreak is in danger of vanishing as quickly as a double chin selfie.

That’s where we come in.

Oh Snap

Running out of data is the worst, especially when there’s a Snapstreak at stake. We’ve got together with Snapchat so you can use Snapchat all you like without using up your data. That’s right, not a single MB of data will be lost on any of your Snaps.

Go Binge

Use your favourite apps infinitely without using up your data. Just imagine, you could be frolicking in an ocean of infinite content. One made of your favourite shows like Narcos, Stranger Things, even Gilmore Girls. And your favourite music from a catalogue of over 40 million songs. It now even includes infinite Snapchat. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Three and enjoy the feeling of infinite streaming. Go Binge.

If you’ve not joined the Go Binge party yet, then it might be time to check out our SIM Only deals to see if there’s something that suits.


So, go on – embrace your silliest self and get Snap-happy.