In short, it's easier to stream on the go, than to order food to random places. Airports are a no-go. As are libraries. And hospitals. But you can stream basically anywhere. THANKS GO BINGE!

Ordering a takeaway isn’t exactly a novelty anymore. How many times have we all sat there on a Sunday night, noisily exhaled and then proclaimed to our partner/flatmate/pet, “OK FINE, I’LL ORDER A STUFFED CRUST PIZZA, CALM DOWN.” Totally standard behaviour. Ha. We even remember when you could only get traditional takeaway stuff, too. These days, with restaurant apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, you can get anything your heart desires. Breakfast food. Smoothies. Katsu curry. Lebanese flatbread. Polish dumplings.


Of course, everyone’s favourite place to gorge on deliciousness is in front of your favourite show. As you may remember (probs cos we can’t stop talking about it) we’re kind of into TV and film at the moment. You know, mainly because we’re offering that insane deal where you can stream anything you like from Netflix, TV Player, Snapchat and a whole host of other apps at no extra cost to your data plan? Go Binge? Yeah that one.


Well, as part of our huge Binge Files study into the nation’s streaming habits, we found out that a staggering 86% of people prefer bingeing on TV after lunch. Because, obvs, you can’t be feeling snacky while you’re streaming? That’s the most distracting thing in the world.


It makes sense if you think about it – flash back through your collective takeout memories and chances are that you’re either eating or have just eaten when you’re binge-watching – whether that’s with your legs over the armrest of the sofa (head propped up against a human cushion next to you) or lounging in bed in a star shape.


But, hold on. We know that people love to stream all over the place nowadays. Like on their commute. Or waiting in line for lunch. And we were pretty inspired to see that a guy actually managed to get a pizza delivered to his carriage on a train recently. So we decided to do the same thing. Can we get the amazing experience of stuffing sweet potato fries into our mouth during an Orange is the New Black denouement, while on the go?


We ordered food to the weirdest places we could, while bingeing on some shows, and here’s what happened.




The Hospital

OK, so this one was easier than you’d expect, but turns out that you’ll get told off and be instructed to take your hot, steaming pizza outside. Health and safety issues, etc. Also, it’s really difficult for the driver to find out where you are because all hospitals were apparently designed by lunatics. We also heard one story where a new mother ordered loads of food to the labour ward after giving birth and got into loads of trouble, although we’re mostly just impressed that she was still capable of ordering food after such an ordeal. Legend.

Verdict for food: Easy to do, most drivers will get stressed about navigating the endless corridors, trying to find A&E. Also, you’ll get shouted at. Probably best to stick to the canteen.

Verdict for streaming: No problemo. 

The Airport

Literally not possible. Most food apps seem to have them blacklisted so you get a little screen that comes up saying “Unfortunately we do not deliver to this postcode!” Pah. Having said that, we did manage to order directly from a pizza place to Stansted Airport, only to get a phone call about 90 seconds later from a confused, panicked man who was extremely concerned about their rigorous short-term parking measures. Despite some serious negotiating, the pizza was not delivered. Sigh.

Verdict for food: Airports are the Mordor of the food-delivery world.

Verdict for streaming: Easy and perfect, made the waiting lounge more bearable.

A Hotel

This may be one of our favourite stories. One of our food app correspondents went hiking in the country, got back to her hotel room and collapsed on the bed. At this point, she realised that, despite the restaurant being literally the floor below her, her legs had seized up and her body was frozen rigid from exertion. Thus creating the perfect excuse to try and get a delivery driver to walk to her bedside and actually place hot food in her hands, without her having to move a single muscle. The best news is – it worked. Sounds a bit saucy though. (We’re talking about the food, not the situ.)

Verdict for food: Totally legit.

Verdict for streaming: No 👏 More 👏 Rubbish 👏 Hotel 👏 TV

The Pub

There are certain times when the thought of hot, greasy noodles is more appealing than others, and the pub may have something to do with it. Now, we weren’t brave enough to try and get food delivered to one of those fancy gastro pubs that also has a posh restaurant bit where you can order lamb shanks and cheese boards. However, we did order some food to a tiny pub in Devon where a fire had incinerated the kitchen, and they were pretty chill. In fact, we ended up having to order a Chinese for literally everyone in the pub. They all wanted a piece of the action.

Verdict for food: Fine, as long as they don’t actually serve their own food.

Verdict for streaming: Got a bit distracted by genuine human conversation, but TBH that’s what the pub is for, so that’s OK.

The Library

Yeah, bit of a mixed bag, the library. They’re all so different. Some of our roving reporters admitted to getting a cheeky takeaway at their university libraries (when about to embark on an all-nighter) but in our experiences, librarians can sniff out a spring roll extremely quickly and will often kick you, and your meal, out. Also, often there are full-on security systems to stop you stealing their precious, precious books, so good luck sneaking in a motorcycle-helmet wearing, leather-clad driver.

Verdict: Risky but possible, if security is thin on the ground, and the food isn’t too deliciously pungent.

Verdict for streaming: Headphones are mandatory. Repeat. Headphones are mandatory.


Main image via Getty and Pexels