Heartbroken? We've all been there. While the ice cream and tissues can help, it's your phone that's the real key to getting over your heartbreak. In fact, 1.2 million of us believe that binge-watching series after series can help to heal a broken heart. And don't cry over data drains, either - our new Go Binge service ensures that you can stream your TV and music infinitely, without eating into your data plan.

If you’re nursing a broken heart, then there are a few things you’re going to need to help you get through the next few weeks (to months, ugh) so that you don’t end up losing all sense of reality and keying your ex’s car in a blind rage.

Like a really solid group of friends, who will make you feel supported and loved and interesting even when you’re at your least communicative and most monosyllabic.

And the Jinn app for your junk food/sweet tooth fix – you can get anything from McDonald’s to donuts, depending on the level of food crisis you’re dealing with. Jinn will even deliver Godiva to your door if you’re thinking this is more a bankrupt-yourself-with-the-finest-things type of breakup…

You’re also going to need your smartphone.

Now, hear us out: we don’t expect you to use your phone to actually speak to, or text, or FaceTime, or WhatsApp, or Skype or interact with your ex in any way whatsoever. And for the love of god, please don’t use your new iPhone 8 to send overly edited portrait selfies to your ex. Or, even worse, the iPhone X animoji messages. Nobody wants to see you pleading as a cartoon panda.

In fact, your phone’s going to be a key player in helping you get over your ex. Here’s how.



Get binge-watching


Guess how 1.2 million of us across the nation plan to fix our broken hearts? By bingeing on your favourite shows, baby.

We recently undertook a massive research project, known as the Binge Files, where we travelled the nation interviewing everyone about their TV consumption habits.

We asked questions about how people like to stream their favourite shows and videos, where they stream, who they stream with, what devices they favour and how binge-watching has become a part of who they are – and a way for them to lighten their moods. 53% of those we spoke to said they used binge-watching as a way to de-stress, while another 20% admitted to binge-watching to cheer themselves up after a tough week.

9% of women told us that binge-watching had helped them through a break-up. Netflix is full of remedies: Orange is the New Black is your go-to for a good dose of #girlpower (with a penitentiary twist), while Riverdale brings your favourite Archie Comics characters to life with some much-needed high school angst (and a good ol’ murder thrown in). And if you haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars yet, then that’s 160 episodes of Gossip Girl-meets-detective story for you to binge on. Coincidentally, we’re pretty sure 160 episodes is just what it takes to get over your ex…



Please don’t stop the music


Speaking of streaming, did you know music is proven to help you get over an ex (well, not scientifically per se, but it definitely helps)? Sad songs, over-it songs (that one by Blu Cantrell where she spends all her man’s cash as a way of exacting revenge) and anything by Beyoncé or Tay Tay will do the trick.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what you’re listening to, just that you’re listening to a song that makes you feel something (Joy? Rage? Sadness?) – that’s called the ‘healing process’.

We’re making it easier than ever for you to listen to your favourite tunes: our latest service, Go Binge, is all about infinite streaming of TV, movies and music. We’ve teamed up with Netflix, TVPlayer, SoundCloud and Deezer so you can watch and listen to whatever you want, whenever, without worrying about using any of your precious data. We told you your phone could help heal a broken heart.


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Avoid your ex on social media


One of the issues with breakups in the social media era is that you can’t actually escape your ex. Their rants will appear on your Twitter feed and their birthday greetings will haunt you on Facebook. So in the early stages of a breakup, it’s best to avoid, avoid, avoid. Which means purging them from your social media feeds (after you’ve posted a fabulously well-lit and beautifully filtered new profile pic of yourself, of course).

The Eternal Sunshine Google Chrome Web Extension lets you wipe your Facebook account without actively having to unfriend your ex. This is a practical way of getting them out of your life, temporarily, when you least want them there – and means you can avoid seeing when they’ve updated their profile pic, starring a new paramour. It’s also a more effective option than the Facebook ‘hide’ feature.

Focus Lock (Google Play) isn’t strictly for blocking exes, but works by locking any apps you find distracting. Just set a timer to determine how long you want the app locked for.



Talk to someone


Your phone can even be your own personal self-care guru, doing what the iPhone Health App does for our nutrition and fitness, for our post-breakup mental state. New app Mend (iOS, from £7.99) bills itself as a ‘personal trainer for heartbreak’, providing audio training and writing exercises, as well as a virtual assistant, Elle, who coaches you through the breakup using a blend of science, data, mindfulness techniques, nutrition advice and inspirational quotes. This is one to turn to when you’ve become too unbearable for your friends to handle.



Sell, sell, sell


Nothing is more therapeutic when it comes to getting over an ex than ridding yourself of all their stuff. Of course, there’s always eBay or Gumtree, or you can head to Never Liked It Anyway, where you can offload an ex’s possessions, buy new stuff and even tell your tale in a blog post on the site. Venting is always the answer. Especially anonymously and in a super-public forum. You’ll soon leave #heartbroken behind to find yourself #ontherebound.


Main pic: Getty via Jamie Grill