Samsung's had a busy few months. Not content with blowing our minds with the Galaxy S8, the brand's launched its newest phablet: the Samsung Galaxy Note8. With a 6.3" Infinity Screen, dual wide-angle 12MP camera and ultra-precise S Pen for note taking and business, this new phone's got everything you want. And more. Pre-order the phone from Three now.

If you think you already know everything there is to know about the big Samsung launch of 2017, then boy, have we got some news.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was only one of the big reveals that the South Korean mega-brand rolled out this year.

We’d like to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note8, a smartphone with a stunning infinity display and built-in stylus called the S Pen, available for pre-order on Three now.

Wondering what the Note8 looks like? Find out why phablets are sometimes better than plain old smartphones.

For starters, Samsung has taken the ultra-sleek and gorgeous Infinity Display that we can’t get enough of on the S8 and S8+ and made it even bigger and better.

With dual-curved QUD+ Super AMOLED display, an 18.5.9 ratio and a 6.3″ screen, watching your favourite films and TV shows on the go is better than ever.

In fact, it’s exactly the type of screen you’ll want to make the most of our latest Go Binge offer – y’know, the one where you can stream unlimited shows and music from the likes of Netflix and Deezer without using up any of your data.



People can’t stop talking about the S8’s dual-pixel 12MP camera and the Note8 boasts the same great camera (complete with 8MP selfie snapper) to ensure you get the perfect shot, every time.

The Note8 isn’t just about great design, a glorious screen and Testino-worthy camera action, though – with 10nm mobile AP, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, it’s got plenty of power and storage for all of your documents and content from a work perspective. You can also get an extra 256GB with the expandable microSD drive.

Get into office mode with the Galaxy Note8’s S Pen, a highly sensitive and precise stylus ideal for note-taking. Or ensure superior messaging skillz by using the S Pen to create custom emojis and GIFs featuring your own handwriting.

And if you need to take your work to the next level, the Note8 is fully compatible with Samsung’s DeX dock, which transforms your Note8 into a desktop, turning it into a mobile office whenever you need it.

Worried about protecting your important files? The Note8 is kitted out with an iris scanner for the ultimate in phone security. A camera and infrared LED work together to take an accurate reading of your iris: just hold up the phone in front of your eye for it to unlock. And you never need to memorise a password again.

Now, where do we sign up again?


Main pic: Via Samsung