Get Radio 1 DJ Ali Plumb's thoughts on our Binge Files report... and find out the TV show he can't resist blitzing (and the catchphrases he's adopted in real life).

To try and shed some light on our new-found love of bingeing and the release of Go Binge, we spoke to Radio 1’s resident film and TV guru, Ali Plumb, to get his take on our Binge Files findings.

“I don’t think I’ve done any one thing more in my entire life than watch Netflix,” Ali told us. “I realised things were getting out of hand mid-way through my fifth play through of Breaking Bad, with my back-of-a-Boots-receipt sums showing the hours I’d spent bingeing on Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black et al. It was days ahead of anything else I’ve ever done. Like, say, reading, or… walking. I’ve got a problem. But what an excellent problem it is.”


And when it comes to how we decide what to watch, our habits are also changing. In days gone by we may have picked up the nearest listings mag, or jumped online to read a review, but thanks to the ubiquity of social media, it’s our friends and family we turn to for viewing advice.


When asked how they choose what to watch, the majority of 16-34s questioned for the Binge Files (38%) asked friends and family (compared to just 18% of 55+).


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“I can’t even take credit for discovering my favourite TV show Breaking Bad myself,” Ali explains. “A friend of mine, knowing exactly what she was doing, insisted I watched the first season, fully aware that I would be horribly on the hook, and desperate for more.”


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Bingeing fallout


It’s fair to say that binge-viewing can take its toll on many of us, with 1-in-7 people aged 16-24 having bunked off work following a big binge. But could there be other consequences, too?


One fascinating side effect of the binge culture appears to be the growing number of people taking phrases from their TV heroes into the real world, a fact highlighted by a third of 16-24s admitting that they mimicked the phrases of their favourite characters.


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“Within days of blitzing as many episodes as possible, I was even crowbarring my favourite Breaking Bad lines into my everyday life, with ‘I am the one who knocks’ an easy drop-in when you’re trying to grab someone’s attention at work by rapping on their desk,” explains Ali. “While ‘Yeah b***h, magnets!’ remains, essentially, impossible to get away with. Also, a lot of things in my life were ‘99.1% chemically pure’.”


And if you want to share a conversation with Ali Plumb about his favourite show, we suggest you actually take the time to sit down and watch it (unlike the 1-in-20 people who simply Googled the plot of a TV show so they could fake the fact they’d seen it).


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