Yes yes yes the Razer Phone is the gamer's paradise made mobile. But if you love a Netflix sesh this handset is going to make all of your binge-watching dreams come true too.

So, have you heard the news about the brand spanking new, exclusive-to-Three Razer Phone? It’s the debut mobile from Razer, the industry titans of gaming peripherals and laptops.

Gamers are going nuts over the Razer Phone’s envelope-pushing specs, but if you don’t count yourself among that tribe don’t look away just yet.

Anyone who loves filling their day with music, or losing themselves in TV or movies, is going to utterly adore this handset. Why? Because all the features that make this a gaming phone also make it an entertainment phone.


Cinematic sound

So imagine this: you’re on your Razer Phone, making fine use of Go Binge to stream Netflix to near-infinity without battering one measly kb of your data allowance. What are you hearing?

Well, if you have headphones on, you’re enjoying a THX-certified audio experience. Remember the jaw-dropping noise at the beginning of every blockbuster ever, the one that demonstrated just how high-spec the sound was? That was by THX, the George Lucas-originated audio company which created the loftiest standards of audio quality the cinema-going public have ever enjoyed – and they have certified that whatever you’re listening to through your Bluetooth headphones is worthy of their mark.

And if you’re round your mate’s and playing the sound on the phone, you’re doing so through Dolby ATMOS tuned front-firing speakers and dual amplifiers. This is not your average ‘three holes at the bottom of the handset’ setup; from a hushed, dramatic whisper to a raging action explosion, the breadth of tone this setup delivers is extraordinary.

Fantastic vision

It’s time to turn our attention to what you’d be seeing when you stream TV and movies on your 5.72-inch Razer Phone screen.

The Quad HD display (that’s 4 times standard HD resolution to you and us) gives you wide colour gamut, so everything looks incredibly vibrant and sharp. Behind it sits an Ultramotion display boasting an unprecedented 120Hz refresh rate – double what most premium smartphones offer – for the silkiest, lag-free motion around. Up to 120fps, to be exact.

Razer Phonevia Razer

Impressive power

So, what’s driving this audiovisual marvel? In terms of processing, the Razer Phone is rocking a Snapdragon 835 system with dual-channel 8GB RAM – again, considerably more RAM than most premium smartphones. This will make light work of even the most demanding apps, so switching between them and controlling your phone will be effortless.

For storage it packs 64GB in the handset, but imagine how many movies and songs you can store in a MicroSD slot that can handle as much as 2TB. If you’re a frequent flyer you can now entertain yourself on the longest of flights, without coming up against any of those bizarre ‘family friendly’ movies (y’know – the ones that are edited to 65 minutes and make no heckin’ sense).

The pièce de résistance is the Razer Phone’s mind-boggling 4000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, which will power your streaming for hour after hour. And when the time (finally) comes to charge, intelligent Dual Charging means you can go from 0 to 50% in as little as half an hour – so you can top up and head out again in no time.

Have we got you thinking? You can get more information or order the Razer Phone here – or pop into one of our stores to witness its audiovisual bounty for yourself.


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