Nothing says "finger on the pulse" like a tech or mobile-inspired costume (trust us on this one) for your next fancy dress 'do. And while turning yourself into an iPhone by cutting out bits of felt or buying a giant emoji poop to dress up in are totally viable ideas, the former requires way too much effort and the latter will have you sweating buckets in a deeply unattractive and uncomfortable way. The perfect solution? Wear what you like, buy some face paint and turn yourself into a Snapchat filter, whenever you like. Here's how...

It’s no secret we’re all addicted to Snapchat, and with Go Binge on Three we can use it to our heart’s content without worrying about data. Nice. So, that’s more snaps, more sharing, more fun and more of those awesome filters. And have you noticed how every single filter makes you look like your best self yet – even with a dog nose?

So, we got to thinking – could you create those looks in real life? We reckon that Snapchat should be top of your list for fancy dress party themes; so, we’ve researched how recreate three of our favourite looks with good old-fashioned face paint. Introducing: the dog, the rainbow vomit and the Pop Art. Make-up brushes at the ready

Dog How-To

  • Sponge on or brush the shape of the muzzle between your nose and top lip, in a neutral or light brown shade of face paint.
  • With a slightly darker brown coloured paint, shade the inside edges of the muzzle by painting a thin line and drawing some of the paint inwards to create a 3D-effect. (Top tip: Use a wet brush to paint the lines and a dry brush to blend inwards).
  • Shade around the bottom of the muzzle (either side of your mouth) with a dark brown or black to make it pop.
  • Paint the nose in a dark brown shade with some black shading.
  • Scatter dark brown dots over the muzzle where the whiskers would sit.
  • Finally, making sure the paint is dry, use a relatively dry brush with white paint to highlight the nose. You can also highlight the dots: if you really want to push yourself, try ‘double dipping’ and coat a rounded dotter brush in white paint. Then gently dip one side in a dark brown paint to create 3D dots.


Rainbow How-To

  • With a thin brush loaded with white face paint, draw a thick line under your eye, going as close as you can to the roots of your bottom lashes.
  • Shade dark brown or black underneath the white line.
  • Using blusher or a pink face paint, apply to your cheeks and nose (the more the better!).
  • To make the rainbow sick, start with the middle (lightest) colour – either yellow or green. In your head, have an approximate guess of how thick each line should be. You’re basically dividing the bottom lip into six parts.
  • Paint a straight line down to just below the chin.
  • Repeat for all six colours.
  • Beginning again with the either yellow or green, continue the line down to your chest with a well-loaded brush. (Top tip: Sometimes it helps to paint small dots along the line to help guide you).
  • Do the same with the remaining colours.
  • Once the rainbow is dry – so you can ensure a cleaner, crisper white – paint the stars and dots around in random spots.


Pop Art How-To

  • Using a sponge (baby sponges are really soft and you can cut them up and get four out of one), cover your face in a white and neutral colour. Notice which points on your face protrude more and apply more white to those areas. Make sure you have complete coverage, especially around the nose and the eyes, as this will help give a 2D effect).
  • With black face paint, trace the shape of the eyebrows then fill in. (Top top: If you’re struggling to cover your eyebrows, use a loaded, thick brush and lay it flat over your brows and press down – this helps get the paint onto the skin).
  • Paint a dark blue eye shadow on each eye.
  • With a light blue paint, create the teardrops under one eye and outline in black.
  • Using a relatively dry brush, paint around your eyes and on top to create a scratchy, messy type of shading following and accentuating the shape of the eye.
  • Paint lashes at the side.
  • Using a thicker liner, create the black lines on the nose, cheeks and forehead
  • Finally, paint your lips red. Wait to dry, then outline and fill in cracks in the lip from the centre with black.