If you're a Three customer, you can crack on with Go Roam and use your call, text and up to 20GB data allowance in the EU at no extra cost.

Brexit’s here.  Will it affect roaming? Will you need a new SIM for travelling?  We’ve got the answers, right here.

How will Brexit affect roaming?

The short answer is that roaming won’t be affected if you’re a Three customer.

Go Roam gives you the freedom to use your phone in over 70 destinations around the world. So, you can call your mum to let her know you’re safe and sound while keeping your Insta story up to date and seeing the sights.

Concerned Brexit might put a stop to all that good stuff? Worry not. If the law changes, we’ll give you free EU roaming just the same.

Will I need a new SIM for travelling after Brexit?

Not if you’re on Three. You’ll still be able to use your phone abroad just the same.

If you’re not with Three we wouldn’t be able to say but, you can always check out our SIM only deals y’know, just in case 😉

Will Brexit affect Business customers?

There are some worries about what Brexit means for businesses here in the UK. One thing’s for certain though, our Business plans are simple and all come with Unlimited minutes and texts. All you need to do is pick how much data you want.

What’s more, if you do a lot of travelling abroad you’ll be able to stay connected with Go Roam, using your phone in over 70 destinations worldwide at no extra cost.