Need some help getting through 6 weeks of summer holidays? We've got your back with wuntu, Go Roam and Go Binge.

It’s coming – that special day when schools break up and chaos breaks out. The first few days are across the board fun – no early morning alarms, it’s all summery picnics, pond dipping, ice-creams and skipping.

Cut to day 4, the enormity kicks in. The pain starts to bite. Little Noah got stung by a bee, Jessie’s new sliders are starting to rub. Somehow that ‘no homework’ vibe has been replaced by a ‘how on earth am I going to keep them entertained for the next 5 weeks’.

Fear not – whether you’re staying at home, heading to a sunnier destination, or your mum’s holding the fort – maybe a combination of all 3 – we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help out.

You’ll definitely be glad to have our rewards app wuntu in your corner if you’re out and about. You could find yourself a great restaurant deal with Dine on your way to that treasure hunt. After all it’s hungry work rushing around with maps, pencils and a backpack full of snacks and water bottles. If they’ve invited 10 of their closest mates round for a sleepover/Xbox marathon then you’ll deffo need to call in those deliveroo rewards. And when they’re (eventually) asleep you can treat yourself to a sesh in front of your fave box set with, all care of wuntu.

If the weather lets you down you can keep them happy with endless movies on tap. Worry about the popcorn and pizza crusts later. Their playlists can be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer or SoundCloud endlessly, without using any of your data, all thanks to Go Binge on Three.

And when the time finally comes for that precious week abroad, when even you can put your feet up, you’ll need Go Roam to ensure you’ve got all the must-haves at your fingertips. You’ll never run out of data in over 70 different destinations. So, if the local Wi-Fi isn’t up to much you can hotspot their devices without a worry. Maybe google the next beach you want to check out, where the best place for that sundowner is, or how to say a few phrases in the local language. All while you Snap, Insta, tag and share your fave pics from your week in the sun.

It’s only 6 weeks – they’ll be some tears, sure, but the laughs will make up for it. And you’ll miss them when they’re back at school, honest.

Update: Sadly, we’ve decided to close the wuntu app. We’re working on creating an even better customer rewards experience. Stay tuned.