This festive season, live by the immortal wisdom of Tom and Donna from Parks & Recreation: Treat. Yo. Self. Yep, that’s our mantra this year: we’re all about spoiling ourselves and indulging a little (or maybe a lot. Yes, we’re looking at you, jet black iPhone 8). Once we’ve treated ourselves, then we can get […]

This festive season, live by the immortal wisdom of Tom and Donna from Parks & Recreation:

Treat. Yo. Self.

Yep, that’s our mantra this year: we’re all about spoiling ourselves and indulging a little (or maybe a lot. Yes, we’re looking at you, jet black iPhone 8). Once we’ve treated ourselves, then we can get to everyone else on the Christmas list.

Thank goodness for Black Friday deals – we can buy all the snazzy new tech we’ve been lusting after and saving up for at slashed prices, so we still have some cash left over to buy those Christmas presents next month.

This November at Three, there’s a Black Friday deal for everyone out there, no matter your personality, style or level of tech-savviness.

Even better? Order by 4pm and get your device delivered the next working day (to your local Three store or your home), free of charge.

We’ve got some pretty tasty goodies on offer, from the must-have iPhone 8 to a mind-boggling 100GB contract SIM deal.

Just wait until you see the offers available, for this ONE WEEKEND ONLY; specifically from 9am on Thursday 23rd November through to 23.59pm on Monday, 27th.

So, the question is, which personality are you? Because we’ve done the hard work and matched you up to your perfect new phone or device – all you have to do is click through and it can be yours.

No, there’s no need to thank us. Just enjoy.

You are: The Fashionista
Then you need Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold Platinum
The deal  £36 per month limitless calls and texts, 12GB for the price of 4GB (£49 upfront)
You save £145

Rose gold, pink gold, whatever you want to call it… it’s soooo last year, darling. But you already know that, of course. As metallics come back in a big way this season, it’s time to invest in something gold – the perfect finish to any sartorial savant’s outfit. Is there any better way to complement those gold leather hi-tops you’ll be rocking all Christmas party season long?

The S7 Edge is ergonomically designed, making it the perfect selfie camera phone (did we mention the dual pixel 12MP camera in there?). An absolute essential when you’ve snuck into the Erdem show at London Fashion Week and are trying to snap a shot of you with Anna Wintour – before security notices. There’s also a massive (5.5”) screen, so you can finally enjoy that Iris Apfel documentary – on the go, if you’re enjoying Go Binge, which lets you stream Netflix without eating into your data allowance.

You are: The Person Who Deserves an Upgrade
Then you need: iPhone 8
The deal: 30GB essentials for £45 a month (£49 upfront)

If you’ve been a good boy or girl this year, waiting patiently for the moment you can swap your much-loved but well worn handset for something faster, shinier and more powerful – now is the time to claim your rightful prize, an iPhone 8. And with a 30GB essentials deal, you’ll feel as if nothing is holding you back.

An iPhone 8 will reward your previous restraint with easy-breezy wireless charging, impressive performance and battery life. You can use it around water (just don’t try an Olympic-level dive with it). You can take the most stunning pics thanks to the better-than-ever-before 12MP camera and gorgeous display. The stereo sound system is killer and it’s faster than any other iPhone. And by golly, you’ve earned it.

You are: The Vlogger-Blogger
Then you need Huawei P10 Plus
The deal  £39 per month, 12GB for the price of 4GB
You save £79

You may not be a household name – yet – but you, and the rest of your 5,000+ subscribers know you’re kind of a big deal. Unfortunately, your mates are getting pretty annoyed at having to style/do makeup and lighting for you every time you post another blog/YouTube vid, so you’re taking matters into your own hands and getting a phone that can be a personal assistant/photo stylist in one.

You know what you need. A beautiful, big screen. An easy-to-use interface. Leica-co-engineered cameras and 4K video. And a phone that’s optimised for all your social networking needs. Yes, we’re talking Huawei P10, in classic black.

This phone can work miracles. Its huuuuge 8-megapixel camera takes in twice as much light as its last incarnation – rendering low-light selfies exquisite – and automatically detects groups and expands to fit.

There’s also a Beauty Selfie mode (think Photoshop-esque artistry for when you’ve got a massive spot or had a really late night and need to add a bit of sparkle to your eyes).


You are: The Serial Documenter
Then you need: iPhone 7
The deal:  £48 a month, 100GB data (£49 upfront)
You save: £78

You’ve documented anything and everything in your life, from every single restaurant meal you’ve eaten for the past five years to 10 snaps-a-day of your baby’s life (next to the appropriate baby milestone card, natch). When you travel, you snap around 250 pics… a day. Needless to say, your Instagram is so full of posts that it would take you months – no, years – to scroll all the way back to the beginning. You like to document your life, because to you, a life well-lived is a life well-photographed.

Well, you’re in luck. iPhone 7’s 12MP camera with wide colour capture, plus the magical Live Photos feature, means you can record every precious memory you come across in a wide variety of shots and formats. And with a jumbo 100GB of data in for just £48 a month, you’ll be able to upload a veritable flick-book of images and video, fom dawn till dusk.

You are: Tech-obsessed
Then you need: Contract SIM
The deal: 100GB for £20 a month

You already have the latest handset. Well, at the moment you have three of the latest handsets at once. You’re known to be both ferocious and fickle when it comes to tech obsessions. The best gift for you isn’t a new device since you’ve got them all (until the next big keynote, obvs).

What you need is flexibility: sign up for one of our contract SIM-only plans and get minutes and texts to your heart’s content, plus a jaw-dropping 100GB of data. To work with whichever phone you’re using at the moment.

So, there you have it – a range of offers to suit you no matter your personality. Head over to our Black Friday page to see the full range of offers available.