Meet the phone that's bringing futuristic tech right to your fingertips. We were at the unveiling of the brand, spanking new Sony Xperia XZ Premium phone at Mobile World Congress 2017 and it's seriously cool. We're talking a gorgeous, ready-for-a-TV-binge screen and super-slick camera. Ready to have your mind blown?

Innovation can be pretty tough when excellence is at the core of a brand, and yet somehow Sony seem to keep smashing it out of the park. The Xperia XZ Premium has been announced (along with a host of futuristic accessories) and it really does have a luxury feel about it. Why? Because Sony have taken what they’re famous for – beautiful vision – and applied it to mobile technology.

Here are the core features of Sony’s new flagship Xperia XZ Premium…


Sony Xperia XZ Premium MWCThree UK


A record-breaking camera

Let’s start with the big news – the Sony Xperia XZ premium has an insanely cool accolade: it’s got the world’s fastest image capture in a smartphone. Plus, it’s the first phone to ever feature a memory-stacked sensor.

The insight behind their camera innovation is simple: quite often the moment you want to preserve is fleeting. Timing is everything. So, what did Sony do? They worked their asses off to give you the speediest, niftiest camera you’ve ever seen. It can capture 960 frames per second (four times faster than the next best on the market) giving you perfectly timed, crisp photos and super smooth video, which you can play back in slow motion.

The things you never thought you could see can now be preserved in picture format. You can get that jumping-in-the-pool pic just right. Or take a cheeky video of a hummingbird and see it’s wingbeats all casual, like. There’s even a motion eye camera feature which detects motion far quicker than the human eye and can start taking photos as soon as it detects movement. Sports photographers, you’re welcome.

A screen fit for a TV fanatic

Sony are pretty savvy. They get that the world of TV and film is changing and we’re watching stuff on the go as much as on our TVs at home. Why should we be squinting at a tiny, bleary phone when it’s possible to make the viewing experience so much more enjoyable?

The new Xperia screen is, of course 4K HDR with a greater colour range and vibrancy. It comes with Amazon Prime video (helllooooooo Man in The High Castle in high def) and the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon chip means you can download at up to 1GB per second, depending on your network. We have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of filmmakers are going to be quite emosh thinking that people can finally watch their masterpieces in a non-pixelated environment.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium MWCThree UK


Impeccable Performance

Of course, having these cutting-edge technologies embedded in a phone is all very well and good, but if it’s slow to load, it’s no good. So Sony have invested in some serious tech to power their new flagship, using the brand new and highly talked about Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. You’re looking at a phone that promises to be super-fast, reactive and powerful.

Sounds cool, huh? We’ll keep you posted on more updates as we hear them. But for now, head to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more MWC insanity.