You're equipped with an iPhone 7's awesome camera potential and you still can't take an action shot? Burst mode, here you come. Instagrammer Allan Hinton offers his pro tips to help you capture every memory - even the non-static ones.

Most of us living in Generation Selfie/the era of the adorable pet pic have mastered how to point and shoot with our iPhone pretty well – at least when the subject in question isn’t moving.

An action shot? No clue how to achieve that without loads of blurriness. Time for a quick intro to Burst Mode – and other iPhone camera features.

“For me the iPhone 7 has the nicest design out there in the mobile phone world. However, I don’t simply use it for its looks. I love the size of the screen and the high quality of it,” explains professional Instagrammer Allan Hinton.

“For a photographer this is great, and the bigger screen allows you to see more of an image and lets you edit a photo on the go without the need to squint or zoom in too far. I feel the iPhone’s processing of colour is the best. I’ve used other phones, and images that look great on an iPhone look either too cold or too warm. I also use an iPhone as Apple has a number of photo editing apps that are not available on other devices. I use other Apple products, and the Airdrop allows me to easily share images across them without the need for Wi-Fi.”

Yes, all of us carrying around an iPhone 7 with 12MP camera (or iPhone 7 Plus with two cameras, featuring a wide-angle and telephoto lens) have the potential to take some seriously pro-looking shots whenever the urge strikes us. And that extends to sporting events, concerts, friends who have suddenly mastered Yogic headstands…

Allan gives us his top tips for action photo perfection below…

Action photographyVia Allan Hinton


Let there be light


Fast movement requires plenty of light to give the camera the best shot at getting a focused image. The amount of light in an environment will determine your phone’s shutter speed, and therefore how sharp your image becomes.

So yeah, avoid action shots in caves and darkened vampire lairs.


Action photographyVia Allan Hinton


Don’t stop, just shoot


Burst Mode on the iPhone allows you to take a series of photos within a few seconds. It was created with motion in mind – the goal is to capture at least one sharp shot with ideal composition during the burst period.

You can’t account for unexpected moves, but you can follow the direction of play as you watch. Pan your phone across your field of vision and continuously take photos. By following your subject matter with your camera, you get the best chance of focusing in on the subject.


Don’t rely on auto-focus


If you’re attempting to get a shot of a still subject in a motion-filled environment, selectively focus on your subject in the screen. Simply tap on the portion of the image that you want to be highly focused, then shoot.

Obviously don’t tap on them in real life though, they’ll get mad.



Use the iPhone’s ‘live mode’


It will use up more memory but gives the option to choose a photo based on a second’s worth of footage.

Plus, it gives more atmosphere of motion – which is the cornerstone of any good action shot. There’s also the slo-mo function, in particular, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X which allows you to shoot at a massive 240 fps.

This year’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max haven’t disappointed either with seriously impressive features like the improved True Tone flash. It measures light temperature and uses just the right colour to get the right colour balance and make the intensity just right and then there’s Smart HDR which identifies highlights and finds shadow detail in your pictures. These features, combined with the power of the A12 Bionic Processor, mean that you’ll get even more from the camera than you do with the iPhone X.

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Main pic: Via Allan Hinton