Who doesn't love a spot of fireworks? Here's how to take a picture of them that isn't a damp squib.

If there’s one great benefit of the clocks going back and the nights drawing in faster, it’s fireworks. And while there’s nothing more Insta-impressive than a shot packed with multiple, multicoloured bursts of flying light, it can be hard to capture the true magic of what is actually happening in front of you with a phone.

So whether you’re capturing someone writing in the air with sparklers or snapping a giant display as it unfolds in the sky above you, here are the best ways to polish your pyrotechnic photography.


Keep your phone on Landscape

The quickest way to turn your failworks photos into FIREWORKS PHOTOS is to tilt it 90 degrees to Landscape. This will give your phone the signal that tells your phone’s camera focus to infinity (which is kind of where your fireworks will be) and open its lens big and wide.

Turn off that flash!

Having the flash set to ‘on’ will make your phone set itself for seeing a LOT of light – and your pics will come up almost or completely black. If there’s anyone or anything directly in front of you, the flash will light them up instead and ignore what’s in the background. And if you have the option to switch off HDR, that’ll help too.


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Automate – if you can

Some Android phone cameras actually have a ‘Night’ or ‘Fireworks’ mode which takes care of a very dark scene instantly. Open up your phone’s camera, then tap ‘Settings’ or ‘Mode’ to see if it’s offered.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll need to use an app such as Camera + (£2.99)  or Slow Shutter Cam (£1.99) to slow your shutter speed.


Adjust your settings

To manually slow your shutter speed on an Android phone, open up your phone camera’s settings and you’ll see a ‘Pro’ or ‘Manual’ mode available. This will allow you to fiddle with the shutter speed and the ISO to set them both as low as possible – it varies model by model, so check your phone’s manual to find out how to do it with yours.

If your Android phone won’t allow you to adjust your settings manually you can download Camera Pro for Android (£2.49)  


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Don’t move

Sit down, lean against something – or even get yourself a tripod. If your shots are going to be slowed down, you’re going to need to stay very, still. Unless you’re going to get all artistic on us, in which case for goodness’ sake look where you’re going, eh?

Increase your odds with Burst Mode

While you’re photographing the fireworks, hold your finger down on the ‘shutter’ button to quickly take a series of shots in one burst. It might just yield the elusive perfect moment you’ve been looking for.

So here’s hoping you get all the shots you need. Don’t wander too close to your explosive-packed quarry, be careful not to burn your mouth on that toffee apple, and make sure you have a phoenomenal time. We’re looking forward to seeing your shots!