Because what’s the point of travelling unless you can capture every moment on your smartphone camera? And then post envy-inducing selfies in every possible amazing location to your social media feeds. Thankfully, with Feel At Home, you can now use your phone in up to 71 destinations from June - doing all the things you love to do back home (surfing the ‘net, posting pics, streaming music and vids and so much more). Here’s a guide to the obligatory selfies you should be taking when you next visit Brazil, country of beaches, the Amazon rainforest, awesome festivals and really, really good selfie backdrops.

Your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. Next stop? Brazil, baby!

Maybe this is the gap year trip you’ve been saving – and slaving away for – for the past six months. Or perhaps it’s your dream honeymoon destination that’s soon to become your actual honeymoon reality.

Or maybe you saw that Three have added Brazil to their roster of Feel At Home destinations – along with Singapore and the French West Indies – and you decided there’s no time like the present to book a holiday and enjoy sun, surf and sand. As well as Brazil’s incredible natural landscapes. Not to mention the wildlife. And the food. Oh, and that party scene…

You’ll be able to enjoy it all even more knowing that you can document every envy-inducing moment of your travels to your social media feeds at no extra roaming charge. Go roam and do whatever you want on your phone – without the stomach-churning panic of returning home to a phone bill with lots of zeros at the end of it. Even more exciting? From December, Feel At Home is now in up to 71 destinations around the globe.

Brazil is the land of so much to see and do, you probably won’t get to it all (if you need help with the local lingo, check out these awesome language apps). That’s OK – there’s always next year. In an effort to help you curate your holiday – and spend our afternoon staring at lush Brazilian landscapes in the name of work – we’ve got all the obligatory selfies you’ll wanna take on your upcoming trip to Brazil…


The Christ the Redeemer selfie


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This massive statue of Jesus Christ at the peak of Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro stands a towering 30 metres high, with an arm-span of 28 metres across. The world’s largest Art Deco work is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and it’s worth the trip to get there – especially if you like a hike. Don’t worry, you can also pose for selfies if you haven’t been sweating for the last two to three hours from the exertion. Just take a cog train or van to get up there. Bonus: not hiking will keep your makeup intact.

The underwater selfie



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Because pics like this one are the reason we go to Brazil. And why we love having no roaming costs there. This snap is from the snorkelling and diving paradise of Botinas Island in Angra dos Reis, where you’ll see thousands of colourful fishes, but the beaches of Maracajaú, Bonito, Fernando de Noronha in Baia do Sueste (to swim with the turtles) and the volcanic islands of the Abrolhos Archipelago are also worth a visit for fab underwater finds. Plus we’ve already sussed out all the waterproof accessories you need for the ultimate selfie.

The ‘living like a local’ selfie


Capturing the colours, energy and attitude of Brazil – via a street style snap you can flaunt to the world – next to a hip record shop like Casa Elefante in São Paulo tells the world you’re not just an ordinary tourist. Add in fresh coconut water for a tasty finishing touch.


The Amazon rainforest selfie

Brazil is a nature-lover and adventure-seeker’s paradise. The Amazon rainforest covers most of the country, and its sheer scale and beauty will blow you away. Not to mention the wildlife-spotting: sloths, monkeys, alligators, piranhas. And you can even go swimming with the dolphins…


The food-porn selfie

Ôôôô meu senhor das comidas boas, o que dizer desse “WOW shaque” do @cabana.burger ? Maraviwonderfull ✨

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Brazil is the destination for gastronomes. From local specialties like feijoada – a hearty black bean, sausage and pork stew – to quindim (a gorgeous coconut custard dessert), there is plenty to appeal to every palate. Health nuts can get their açaí fix (the beloved superfood is native to Brazil), while those with a penchant for all things sweet might want to try the pizza de brigadeiro, aka chocolate pizza. Cue mouth watering…

The perfect beach pic

as definições de paz foram atualizadas ✌

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Paradise is… you, a pristine beach and no commitments for the day. Paradise tastes even sweeter when you can tweet the pic of your tan to your mates back home.


The Carnival selfie


If you’re planning your expedition to Brazil in February, we like your style. And we know you want to par-tay. Snap away: samba parades, street feasts, musicians on every corner, elaborate costumes. This is a can’t-miss occasion. Bonus points if you get in on the action and go for the full feather headdress look.