Having a sister is amazing, but dealing with them on WhatsApp is a whole other barrel of fish. Aside from the constant squabbling, accusations of stealing and general family moaning, there's a wealth of amazing in-jokes and weird intimacies. Also they're the only people you truly feel comfortable messaging even when they're just slouching on the sofa opposite you.

OK, so let’s get one thing straight – we’re all here because we’re stuck in a WhatsApp group with our irritating, hilarious, annoying, worst-ever, best-ever, love-you-forever sisters.

You don’t really choose to have sisters, it just kind of happens to you. Either you’re born with them, or just as you’re getting used to a sweet life of endless LEGO and soft-boiled eggs, your sisters come into the picture. Quite literally, they’re always there, taking up room in every family photograph.

Now, skipping a childhood full of in-jokes, arguments and a steep learning curve in sharing, you’ve ended up in (quasi) adulthood with grown-up sisters, a smartphone, and a lifelong dynamic that expresses itself totally uniquely on everyone’s favourite neighbourhood messaging app: WhatsApp.

Here are just a few lil scenarios that you might recognise…



90% of the conversation revolves around stealing or borrowing

Whatever gender your siblings subscribe to, there’s always that brittle tension between stealing and borrowing that has to be explored on every medium – whether that’s the medium of throwing your sister down the stairs when she takes your favourite scarf, or the medium of using passive aggressive emojis to determine exactly when it was OK to just go into someone’s room and take their stuff without permission.


They always change the subject just as you’re getting to the point

You’re trying to determine exactly who took your favourite band T-shirt (see above) and then one of your sisters chimes in with some kind of distracting subject change. Having your serious request being shunted up the page is downright emotionally traumatising. And then you have to be that person and say, “Sorry guys can we just get back to the point here, which is that my #*@*&@$ t-shirt is still missing.”

It’s a safe space to talk about everything from boys to bodily functions

No filter. No trying to be cool. Just videos of spots being squeezed. Funny period memes. Doling out advice when the guy they like is being mean over text (yeah there are lots and lots and lots of screengrabs of text convos with love interests.)

Uh, unless you’re the only brother in the group

If there’s a brother in your sisters WhatsApp group, they’re mostly mute on the group chat. They really just don’t want to have to be subject to those levels of intimacy.

There are no rules on the level of shade you will cast on each other

This isn’t like a friendship WhatsApp group where you have standards, and need to be nice to one another. Or at least show some semblance of civilised behaviour. This is a FAMILY WhatsApp group. All’s fair in love, war and WhatsApp. Some of the insults you chuck at each other are actually unforgivable. But you can always get over it. Hey, they’re your sisters.


It’s actually kinda the perfect way to sort out practical stuff

You know, like what to get for Mum’s birthday. Or how you’re all getting back for the annual summer BBQ.

And if you need to vent about parents or extended family members, this is the place to do it

Sorry, but if Dad tries to tell that ‘legendary’ fishing anecdote one more time, you might scream. Unless you make a meme out of it and send it to your sisters.

Ugly selfies are COMPLETELY confidential

If you forward them on to friends and colleagues then you’re no longer family.

Most people couldn’t understand what the heck you’re on about

The level of in-joke is utterly insane. You’ve basically created your own language based on shared memories, horribly accurate observations about each other’s personal appearance/behavioural habits, family traditions and emojis. Realistically, it’d be basically impossible for you to get someone else involved cos they’ll have no idea what’s going on.

9/10 of the bulk of your best chats are conducted while you’re in the same house

Actually probs in the same room.

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