Introducing The Binge Files: our comprehensive research on the nation's binge-watching and TV habits. We're also super-excited to announce Go Binge, which allows you to binge watch show after show after show (or stream every song you've ever wanted to hear) through services like Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud - without ever running out of data.

Here at Three we’re all about shaking things up in the mobile industry. It’s why we want you to go roam around the world, give you Unlimited data and were the first network to make 0800 calls free. Since we’re so excited about our latest project, Go Binge, which lets you stream and Snapchat to your heart’s content without worrying about your data limit, we’ll let CEO Dave Dyson tell you a bit about it…

Hi and welcome to the first in a series of in-depth reports that we’ll be creating that aim to provide the most comprehensive insight into past, current and future mobile behaviours and trends within the UK.

This first report is all about the evolution of our content consumption habits, streaming and the ultimate explosion of bingeing. It’s the result of months of consumer research, an in-depth trends analysis and our own customer focus groups. All of which we’ve combined here in this report to give you the most extensive insight to date into how, when and why we consume content.

Why have we done this? We are on a mission to make mobile better. Not just for our customers but to drive the industry forwards and to encourage greater satisfaction for the benefit of mobile consumers, across the board. We want to better understand and listen to our customers. Provide them with the services they expect and rid them of the niggles that bring our industry down.


Binge FilesVia The Binge Files


There is no doubt that the increase in content consumption has risen significantly during the past few years. The introduction of various mainstream content players combined with the evolution of various mobile devices and network capabilities, has driven that trend to become a natural aspect of everyday life for a majority of us.

Our customers are some of the most data-heavy users here in the UK, eating their way through an average of 6GB per month. It’s clear they love to watch and listen to many forms of content. The devices and networks have enabled people to watch when and where they wish, instead of being confined to their homes. So people can make the most of their ‘down time’ whether that’s on a commute, in a park or even on the toilet.


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We’ve created a UK first with a brand-new offering called Go Binge, that will enable you to to use popular services such as Snapchat, Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud, without worrying about your data limit. Our ground-breaking new service means we’ve zero-rated the data across these services, so you can devour films, TV shows and music without the fear of being stung by any unforeseen data charges.

So if you have been meaning to watch that series that everyone talks about but are already seven series behind, now’s your chance. Or maybe you simply want to listen to music 24 hours a day, go for it. There are no surprises and no unexpected bills. You can literally watch what you want, wherever you want, and for as long as you wish.

You are now equipped to binge to your heart’s content, so please enjoy the following insight into bingeing habits in the UK, how and why we are consuming all this content, where the trend has developed from, and what services and shows are taking the UK by storm.

This is the Binge Files. So dive in. Go Binge.

Dave Dyson, CEO at Three.

Find out more about Go Binge at Three and why live streaming just might be the future of streaming full stop.

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