People across the UK love to binge-watch their favourite shows, but in our epic Binge Files report, we've uncovered that TV-consumption habits differ across the nation. Find out how people in your area binge-watch and if you're as addicted to streaming as they are...

We know the UK is a binge nation, but you might not realise how TV watching habits break down region by region. So Glasgow is the city where the most people have watched a Netflix show (15%), while those living in Leeds are most likely to pull a sickie after an epic binge-watch.


As our biggest report of its kind on how we stream TV and movies, if the Binge Files reveals anything, it’s this: the Brits love to binge! But as we crunched through the responses from thousands of people, and reviewed the habits of millions, we began to see some interesting trends emerge, some of which surprised even us.

Binge nationVia The Binge Files


The results showed that in just a few short years we haven’t simply dipped our toe into the shallow end of binge culture, we’ve climbed up to the really scary diving board that no one’s ever used before, and we’ve plunged head first into the televisual depths below. (To the point where, in 2015, Collins English Dictionary even made ‘binge-watch’ its word of the year.)


In the Binge Files you’ll find a collection of our most eye-catching findings, such as the fact that 45% of 16-34-year-olds binge-watch every single show they start. Or that Southamptonites are the most likely to tell you that “Winter is coming” – they’re the biggest Game of Thrones streamers in the nation.


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Main pic: Pexels via Breakingpic