Need to get up to speed with the latest in wearable tech? From compression leggings that help your muscles work more efficiently to rings that tell you how much vitamin D you're getting, these cool and unusual tech gadgets are taking wearables to the next level.

Let’s face it: having a band around your wrist that measures your heart rate is so last century. Even having one that uploads movement points directly to your computer feels a tad old-fashioned now. So move over heart rate monitors and smartbands, and enter the new generation of fitness wearables. From jewellery to headgear, here are nine unusual fitness wearables that you might just find you need…



Joule Smart Earrings

Fancy eavesdropping on your body’s activity? An excellent choice for super-sleuth types who want their fitness geekery to go completely undetected, the discrete earring backing from Joule clips onto your chosen earrings, allowing you to monitor your heart rate and calories burnt in the most understated of ways. Using Bluetooth to sync with your smartphone through the day, there’s now no reason to compromise fashion for fitness.




Motiv Ring

Yep. That’s right. Go and literally put a ring on it. Your health and fitness, that is, with the newly launched Motiv Ring. Super stylish and versatile, this ring won’t keep you wedded to anyone but your inner fitness freak, tracking your activity, heart rate and sleep.

It’s super-lightweight too, so extra useful for any endurance athletes taking part in the upcoming London Marathon and comes in either black or gold. Motiv is totally waterproof with a battery life of up to five days (which is more than we can say for anyone who wears it).




Helios Smart Ring

Possibly invented for us vitamin-D deprived UK-dwelling folk, the Helios Smart Ring is a stylish piece of finger candy that encourages you to embrace sun exposure – safely. It tells you when you need to apply sunscreen and advises when UV rays are harmful and it’s time to go indoors, tells you the minimum amount of daylight you should be absorbing daily and lets you know how much vitamin D you’re getting – and making – every minute. If it really prevents us from turning into a lobster over the summer, it’s magic… and we’ll take seven.





Everybody wants a chiselled jawline and strong facial muscles, right? But can you get that without surgery? Jawzrsize fans certainly think so. Pop this rubber contraption in your mouth and chew on it to work to tighten those jaw and facial muscles (a total of 57 muscles from the neck up). Fitness wearables for your jawline, we didn’t know we wanted one til’ now either.

Or just use it to bust some stress during the Anthony Joshua v. Klitschko fight on 29th April…



LVL hydration monitor

How many times have we heard it? Drink. More. Water! If you’re one of those people who knows they should drink more (water, that is) but just can’t seem to get around to it, then the LVL wearable hydration monitor is exactly what the H20 doctor ordered. Worn around your wrist and using infrared technology to measure exactly how much water is in your blood, LVL can help boost performance not just in workouts, or at work, but in all areas of your life.




Ava Bracelet 

Fertility tracking can be a costly and confusing business. The Ava is here to help you navigate the journey, and is designed to measure fertility and give you a better timeframe within which couples can work to increase their odds of conception. You need only wear the Ava at night so it can read various bodily cues (like breathing, temperature and movement) to make sure you know when you’re actually ovulating – not just when you think you are.



Coros Smart Helmet 

Inspired by the start of the triathlon season and keen to get out riding? Be our guest. But checking your phone whilst you’re pedalling is unsafe and you know it. Thanks to Kickstarter success story, Coros, you can now wirelessly connect to your smartphone via your helmet (and your voice). Cycling tech is everywhere, granted, but this is kinda special, offering a fully integrated system that links to your remote and your app. So put your phone down and start riding.  


Oakley Radar Pace Smart Glasses

Want to see your fitness benefits coming? Just ask Oakley’s smart sunglasses for a workout. The ideal companion for summer fitness routines, they’ve got all the usual UV and high-impact protection malarkey and are also water-resistant with interchangeable lenses. But that’s just the start of it: these funky numbers also double up as a voice-activated coaching system, tracking your performance in real time and offering immediate feedback, via the attachable earphones. Suited to all levels of fitness and attached to an all-important app, you tell Pace what you want to achieve, and it’ll come up with the ideal programme.



Athos muscle-tracking compression leggings

Most of us use our dominant muscles to do the bulk of the work in any given exercise. Yet, really, we should be strengthening our weaker muscles, too. Athos apparel is a game-changer for sports performance, muscular integrity and getting that fighting-fit summer body. Use their leggings to track the power and efficiency of your leg muscles, and know for sure whether those butt muscles are really made of steel, or just not firing properly. It’s all done via sensors embedded into the garment that deliver data straight to the app. Oh, and a little bit of input from you, of course. Lunges, anyone?


Main Image: Via Athos