TL;DR: WELL DONE! That was fun, huh? It means “Too long, didn’t read” BTW. OK - click back and we’ll explain why.

We owe you an explanation. You may have noticed that our articles have a weird lil’ button at the top that says tl;dr, huh?

Ever clicked on it?


Go on, give it a go!

tl;dr or “Too long, didn’t read” is a term coined by Redditors back in 2003 to show irritation when a post was too lengthy – so long, in fact, that it wasn’t worth reading.

It’s now used to signify a summary so that if someone posts something suuuuper hench on Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr or other message boards (anyone out there still on 4chan? Nope?) they can also add in a quick round-up under a tl;dr heading.

TLDR jargon busterPexels via PicJumbo

Y’know, so all of you who are browsing on the DL at work can get the gist of the story without having to go into all the crazy descriptions or scroll through a million images.

It’s also fully legit now – made it into the Oxford Dictionary in 2013.

Stuff on the Three Hub can get pretty techy, but we know that not everyone wants to get into deep discussions of SnapDragon Qualcomm chips, etc. so we thought it would be pretty nifty to give you guys the added benefit of brevity.


Now go, be free, and read all our wonderful words…

Main pic: Pexels via Pixabay