Save on eating at local restaurants with wuntu’s new feature, Dine

Dine’s just launched and we’re serving up all the juicy deets: save big, eat local and discover nifty new restaurants while you’re at it.

How does it work?

Dine’s a new feature in Three’s rewards app, wuntu. It’s free, full of offers and a very fetching yellow colour.

  • Get started by downloading wuntu – exclusive to Three customers
  • If you already have wuntu, you might need to update your app in the App Store or Play Store
  • Check out the navigation bar at the bottom of the app and hit Dine
  • Accept the location permissions so you can see where you can save in your area

Find local gems

Your offers are so close we bet you can taste them. Search your area to find whatever kind of grub you’re up for, and you might stumble across a hidden secret in your neighbourhood. Dine’s packing over 5000 restaurants, so you’re bound to find something to satisfy your craving.

Savour some savings

A membership with Dine’s usually £49.99, but with wuntu, you get it free.  Your handy digital card’s always there in the app ready to show your server.

So what kind of foodie deals are we talking? How about 50% off food, 25% off the total bill (including drinks) and 2-4-1 mains. You’ll be stuffed after that, surely.