Each week, we'll be highlighting a great new deal, fab freebie or mega-discount you can enjoy through our new rewards app, Wuntu. Swipe right, collect cool stuff. On us. This week, bring some art into your home. With a discount from us.

They say when you first move into a new home, one of the first things you should do is to hang up your pictures and artwork on the walls. You know, to give it that lovely, home-y vibe even when most of your stuff is still packed away in boxes.

This seems like totally valid advice. And we’d embrace it wholeheartedly, except, we don’t really have much art per se. Sure, there’s the abstract dancing figure picture we made in printmaking class in school that our parents framed as our one and only artistic achievement.

And that weird painting of 19th century peasants in a field a great-uncle gave us as a 21st birthday present (it’s hideous, and, unfortunately, not worth much. We’ve checked.) Other than that? The walls are pretty much barren. Because, let’s face it, art is expensive.


No longer. Our awesome Wuntu app has brought you free holidays, free food and even free awards-show tickets. And now we’re giving you access to some incredible artworks courtesy of this week’s deal with Artfinder. Artfinder lets you find a piece you love, at a price you can afford, and introduces you to up-and-coming artists across the world.

So this won’t be like that Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ poster you were once so proud of… until you noticed at least 12 other people in your student halls had the same one hanging on their walls. This art will be a lot more unexpected. And it will finally be a reflection of your own taste.

You’ll receive £20 off this week (when you spend £50) on any artworks you like. Whether that’s paintings or sculptures, digital art or collages, photographs or drawings. And you can find some ready-to-hang works if you’re looking for that perfect gift for a special someone.

Don’t forget to check Wuntu each Thursday to see what holidays, shopping trips, meals and more could be yours with a simple swipe to the right. And enjoy your new status as a budding art collector.

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