Each week, we'll be highlighting a great new deal, fab freebie or mega-discount you can enjoy through our new rewards app, Wuntu. Swipe right, collect cool stuff. On us. This week, we’re offering you the bod of your dreams with a free two-week health and fitness trial.

The sun is out, our winter coats have finally been stuffed into the back of our wardrobes (where they belong), and summer is just around the corner. Time to show off our toned pins and start counting down the days until that trip to the sunny Algarve we’ve been planning.

Except – eek. Turns out spending the last few months in a hermit-like state on the couch eating cookie dough and pretending you’re trying to achieve hygge hasn’t left you feeling energised. Or fit. Or capable of getting out there, getting active and enjoying the sun.

Or maybe you’ve ended up in a fitness rut – you’re bored and unmotivated and if you have to do one more downward dog, you’re going to scream. You want to try a new workout – or a few. But where to start?

Not to worry. Our weekly deals app Wuntu has just what you need this week: free gym classes. We’ve teamed up with MoveGB to offer you two free weeks of fitness and leisure classes at gyms and studios in your neighbourhood. Yep, that’s right: FREE and convenient. No excuses.



Let this be the year you finally try boxing, Bikram or Barry’s Bootcamp. MoveGB lets you access different gyms in your area, so you never need to feel that you’re missing out on variety or that you need to commit to a super-long contract you simply won’t be able to stick to. So you get freedom, flexibility and the chance to discover a new workout you really love that will have you swimming, cycling and running through the gorgeous summer months.  

Wuntu deals move as fast as you’re gonna, so be sure to check the app every Thursday and swipe right when something appeals. Each week, we’re offering discounts and freebies on food, fashion, entertainment, fitness and travel so you’re sure to find something (or five things?) you want.

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