Each week, we'll be highlighting a great new deal, fab freebie or mega-discount you can enjoy through our new rewards app, wuntu. Swipe right, collect cool stuff. On us. This week, we've got free VIP tix to the Empire Awards. Who's ready to hit the red carpet?

When it comes to life goals, pretty much everyone we know shares this one: to be a VIP at a red-carpet event, spend a night like Hollywood royalty, and enjoy the bragging rights for the lifetime to come.

Unfortunately, getting on the red carpet – legally, at least – at an ultra-exclusive awards show usually requires talent (i.e. being an actual celeb and getting nominated for something), press credentials, or being lucky enough to work for one of the companies that happens to sponsor whatever’s in this year’s swag bag.

But all that’s about to change. Thanks to our (totally awesome) rewards app, wuntu, anyone with a smartphone, Three contract and the new app is eligible to win one of six pairs of tickets to the 2017 Three Empire Awards on 19 March, 2017.

Cue screaming, humble bragging on FB and manically Googling awards-approps outfits from Asos.

Act fast – this offer is only available on wuntu from Thursday March 9 to Sunday March 12. Just swipe right, and you could be a winner. And every winner can take a guest. That’s six pairs of tickets up for grabs!

Not only are we rolling out the red carpet for you (with awards show, drinks and dinner), we’ll also help you get there: return rail travel to London (from mainland UK railway stations) with private station transfers is also included in the deal, as well as a one-night’s stay in a 4* twin room at a hotel in Camden Lock. We’ll even feed you breakfast the next morning as, chances are, you’ll need a lot of carbs to soak up last night’s antics.

Since this prize is pretty much the dream of every self-confessed movie buff out there (we love how the Empire Awards draw all the big-name celebs who want to have a fun night and support the magazine readers who voted for them) this is your chance to meet the stars of your favourite thrillers and comedies face-to-face. Yes, maybe even your lifelong celebrity crush.

So, let’s say you’re one of the lucky winners. How will you spend your night? Playing Empire Awards Bingo, of course. Here’s every stop on the Empire Awards selfie scavenger hunt you need to hit to have the Best. Night. Ever. Smartphones at the ready… Lights, camera, action! #ThreeEmpireAwards

P.S. Panicking that you don’t have wuntu yet? Relax. The app is free to download on iTunes and Google Play.

Champagne-empire-awardsSkitterphoto via Pexels

1. The casually-hanging-on-the-red-carpet-selfie

First stop at any awards show? The red carpet, where you may end up having the best photo of you ever taken in history. You’re probably going to look so amazing on the night that you accidentally get papped as an up-and-comer to watch out for, but even if you don’t (or even while it’s happening!) take the red carpet experience to the next level, whip out your iPhone and snap a selfie as you’re making your grand entrance.

Bonus points if you manage to photo-bomb/get photo-bombed by a famous heartthrob, or if the background of your photo captures a celebrity makeout sesh.

2. The you-smirking-next-to-a-free-meal-selfie

One thing we forgot to mention about getting VIP access to the Empire Awards show? You get treated like a celeb for the night. Translation? You don’t have to pay for anything. Drinks, canapés, dinner, nibbles and more are all there for the taking, and we strongly recommend getting your fill.

So, yes, please populate your Instagram feed with pics of champers, cocktails, black truffle risotto and grilled filet mignon. And of you diving into your gorgeous meal. Since your tickets are VIP, you may even find yourself chowing down on cheesecake beside a nominee…

3. The cool-stuff-you-can’t-miss-selfie

At last year’s Empire Awards, Star Wars stars, Empire Awards winners and real-life buds Daisy Ridley and John Boyega had what looked like the best night ever, laughing and hanging out in the Empire Awards photo booth, planting kisses on their new awards, putting BB-8 in a bow tie and pouting for the camera.

Go, be like them and find the photo booth (or whatever other cool stuff is at this year’s awards show)… and may the battery power on your phone be with you.

P.S. This is a good time to remind you to charge your phone to 100% before leaving the house – this is not the night you want to experience a battery fail.

4. The goodie-bag-selfie

After the show, there’s the after-party, but unless you and Natalie Portman bond over babies in the ladies’ room, you’re probably not getting an invite to any of those.

No worries – how would you manage to lug your massive goody bag (which is obvs full of really cool stuff like booze, beauty products, posh chocolates, fashion accessories, an Empire magazine etc.) home, anyway?

Before you consume every single edible in your bag of loot, be sure to snap a few pics. It’s all about the memories. And making all your social media friends seethe with jealousy.

5. The getting-close-to-anyone-famous-selfie

In the past, guests like Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender, Margot Robbie, James McAvoy, Keira Knightley and all your fave cast members from Game of Thrones have attended the Empire Awards. It’s seriously A-list.

Between the red carpet, your VIP dinner seats and everything in between, there’s a real chance you end up rubbing elbows with multiple famous people over the course of the night. Turn celeb-stalking into a game (while respecting the privacy of the rich and famous, of course), with some celebrity musical chairs. Except, in this version, you stake out the awards layout, determine where everyone you’ve ever wanted to meet is seated, and do laps around the perimeter every 10 mins in the hopes of catching a glimpse (or seven). Or you do the old place-card switcheroo and position yourself next to someone with an actual Wikipedia page.

Bonus points if you manage to geek out with the Rogue One cast about how K-2SO is, quite possibly, the best droid ever (sorry, BB-8).

6. The obligatory-bathroom-mirror-selfie

You’ve gone to the loo to straighten up your hair, put on a swipe of lipstick… and you realise the lighting in the ladies is, frankly, phenomenal (no wonder Miley’s always snapping herself in the bathroom). Selfie time!

Also, don’t forget to scope out all of the cool backgrounds at the awards, like poster-sized Empire mag covers – fun backdrops are key to the perfect statement selfie.

So, go on, download wuntu on iTunes and Google Play and swipe right – you know you want to…