Each week, we'll be highlighting a great new deal, fab freebie or mega-discount you can enjoy through our new rewards app, Wuntu. Swipe right, collect cool stuff. On us. This week, we’re offering you a lifelong goal: a personal concert of your dreams.

We can all agree that, at some point or other, what we’d like most in the world is to be serenaded in our own homes.

That, and we’d also really like to throw a party… unlike any our friends have ever seen. Complete with live band providing the musical accompaniment for the whole night to get everyone rocking.

Since that would probably cost somewhere in the five figures, we’d also like this to happen for free (we’re allowed to dream, OK?)

Well, this week, Three’s rewards app, Wuntu, is offering you just that: your own private gig, in your garden, sitting room, or garage (you know, wherever there’s space).

Total cost? It’s on us.



We’ve teamed up with little concert, purveyors of musicians to suit every style and taste – pop, indie, funk, country, jazz, classical, blues, to name but a few genres available – who will give you the concert of your wildest dreams.

So yes, you can dress up like Cyndi Lauper for that 80s-themed birthday bash, turn your garden into a mini-Glasto, or make your 10th wedding anniversary one to remember with the help of some classical music and a live-action remake of that spaghetti and meatball scene from Lady and the Tramp.

One lucky winner will be provided with a musician of their choice, along with two videographers (you’re gonna want to share this with the world), a sound technician, an event manager and insurance for the event. 

The only thing you need to decide? The theme to make it the party that everyone keeps talking about… years – even decades – later.

How do you make this dream a reality? Just download Three’s Wuntu app, swipe right on the little concert card, and then click on the heart icon to enter. And remember to check back every Thursday for more exciting offers on all things travel, entertainment, shopping, dining and more.

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(little concert is a trusted community marketplace for people and businesses looking to book live music for any occasion or location.)