Each week, we'll be highlighting a great new deal, fab freebie or mega-discount you can enjoy through our new rewards app, Wuntu. Swipe right, collect cool stuff. On us. This week, we've got the ultimate shaving kit for you.

In this day and age, we expect convenience. Delivered straight to our doors. That goes for anything and everything, but is especially important when it comes to those everyday things we can’t live without.

Like our smartphones. And toothpaste.

And a really efficient shaving kit that makes our morning routine feel even smoother.

Thanks to our deliciously rewarding app, Wuntu, we’ve got a fabulous deal for you this week from Cornerstone, purveyors of high-quality, paraben-free shaving products and German-engineered razors, delivered straight to your door.

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This week, you’ll get a 50% discount off your first and second box of shaving products from Cornerstone.

Cornerstone boxes are tailor-made to suit your grooming ritual – and are sent as frequently as you need them for your shaves. In your box, you’ll get a pre-shave face scrub, shave gel, post-razor balm and six razor blades (a chrome-plated razor handle is also included, free, in your first box).

All products are paraben, BPA and microbead-free, featuring gorgeous-smelling and effective ingredients like volcanic sand and cedarwood to exfoliate, eucalyptus oil and ginger to prevent irritation and mint and honey for a cooling post-shave feel.

The super-sharp five-blade razors are German-engineered, made from Japanese chromium steel and coated in a layer of titanium and diamond-grade carbon to stay sharper, longer. So, yeah, you’re gonna love ’em.

Oh, and if you’ve still not sorted out that Father’s Day gift, you’re welcome.

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