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TireCheck is an international safety company that provides logistics services through a smartphone app. The app provides accurate real-time data, helping clients monitor the status of all the vehicles in their fleet.

Three provided TireCheck with global SIMs that automatically connect their vehicles to the best available network as they cross borders. Their IoT Control Centre monitors all SIMs in the field, ensuring reliable, secure connectivity and increased efficiency.

Since choosing Three, TireCheck has expanded the number of connections it manages across every continent. Three's roaming, seamless connectivity and remote management have been instrumental in ensuring a consistent high-quality service.

The IoT control centre allows us to have full sight of the infrastructure, from our servers to the network, to the customer's handheld device.
Michael O'Dwyer
CEO, TireCheck

Three Wholesale - TireCheck



WatchOvers have developed a range of SOS wearable devices designed for use by vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and young children.

They needed an IoT solution that would offer reliable 24/7 connectivity for any location, ensuring the safety of their users. And as a start-up still refining their product, they needed a flexible solution that wouldn't commit them to a price plan too early.

They chose Three because we offered the most help and flexibility for bringing their product to market. Our global network provides automatic connectivity with international networks, allowing their devices to be used in any location worldwide.

Three has been a great technology partner to work with. They have provided the device management and analytical tools to help us make informed decisions about our product offering in the marketplace. We expect to continue to partner with Three, especially as we continue to grow and increase our scale.
Eamonn O'Connor
Founder and CEO

Three Wholesale - WatchOvers


Regional retail

You'll experience many challenges if your communications infrastructure can't keep up with your plans for growth. A leading trans-Atlantic retail company was experiencing just this problem before migrating to Three's high-capacity network.

The managed solution was delivered across 3 countries and 340 sites. We provided the company with high capacity, secure internet connections, optimised uptime and remote service management.

The result was an infrastructure upgrade that eliminated single points of failure and reduced connectivity costs by 40% a year. It was also designed to scale effortlessly, so it could keep pace with future expansion.


Air quality

A leading healthcare provider knew the effectiveness of their air purification products, but they needed to gather more data to market their products to potential new clients.

They also needed the ability to monitor their machines, to guarantee their efficiency and target any new units for repair and maintenance.

Working closely with Three's IoT experts, the company implemented a new strategy using low-cost sensors, global SIMs and real-time reporting. This allowed the company to react faster, reduce costs and utilise data to explore and develop new business opportunities.

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