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    LG G4.
LG G4.
Like a selfie? The LG G4 has got you covered. Using the 8 megapixel, wide-angle front facing camera couldn’t be more straightforward. You only need to make a simple hand gesture to the camera for it to take your photo. Plus, the G4 has a 16 MP back facing camera, and a 5.5” screen for a great visual experience. The G4 comes with a huge removable battery for all day power, expandable storage up to a whopping 250GB and with each device you also get 100GB of Google drive storage, for two years. This super phone also has a gently curved body that sits comfortably in the hand.

Key features.
  • 5.5 in. Quad HD IPS Quantum display
  • Powerful 16MP Camera with F1.8, LDAF & OIS 2.0
  • 8MP front -facing camera with Gesture shot & preview
  • LG’s super smart, intuitive software

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