Pay As You Go Add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to get more for your money. Convert your credit into an Add-on to get data, calls or texts at the best value. Converting your credit into an Add-on is quick and easy. You can do it when you top-up or at any other time, as long as you have enough credit.

What's the difference between a top-up and an Add-on?


When your credit runs low, top-up to get more.

When you top-up, you get our standard rates, and your credit lasts until you use it up.


You can buy an Add-on at any time – you don’t need to top-up first. If you’ve already topped up and have credit, you can convert it into an Add-on.

Add-ons give you more for your money than our standard rates, and they last for 30 or 90 days.

Buying an Add-on

Get an Add-on while topping up

You can top-up using the Three app with a card or voucher, or on our website, then convert to an Add-on. Or, skip the top-up step and just buy an Add-on.

The Three app

The easiest way to buy Add-ons is through the Three app. You don't even need any data, just a network connection.

You can also use the app to track your usage and manage your account on the go.

Download the Three App on the App Store. Get the Three App on Google play.
Get the Three App on Google play.

Already topped up?

No worries – use the Three app to grab a great value Add-on. You can also login to your My3 account to buy an Add-on.

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How long will my Add-on last?

Can I increase my Personal Hotspot allowance with an Add-on?

Can I buy the same Add-on more than once?

Is there anything Add-ons don't cover?