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IoT services

Whether you're a large corporation or a small start-up, let us help you navigate the Internet of Things and choose the best opportunities for you.

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Starting out

Your business can benefit from total connectivity in no time with our IoT starter kit. And whether you need 1 SIM or a thousand, we’ll support you all the way. We’ve partnered with Cisco Jasper to give you a central IoT portal which puts you totally in control, so you can manage your own solution, make changes and learn as you go.

Strong connections

We can handle all IoT solutions - even those that demand high bandwidths - with ease. Whether you’re tracking your valuable assets, checking live footage of your office security camera, or sending patients’ health data straight to the hospital from the ambulance - our award-winning, high-speed data network will make light work of it.

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Keeping you safe

We take security very seriously. We’ll keep your IoT systems and data safe and sound with inbuilt security, and work with you to create a personalised strategy that’ll kick in right from the start. We’ll minimise all the risks so that you feel totally confident and your customers know that they’re in safe hands.

Taking your business global

Because we’re part of CK Hutchison Group, we can give you IoT connectivity in over 200 countries. This means you’ll be connected internationally, with access to top class partners and networks around the world. So, when you’re ready to grow and take on new markets we have you covered, all with one simple global service.

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Why Three?

As part of the CK Hutchison Group, Three’s mobile connectivity reaches over 200 countries. Working with us means you’ll be connected anywhere in the world.

How Three can help you