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Internet of Things (IoT) services

The Internet of Things is changing the world, giving us more information and data intelligence than ever before. Discovering ways to help you and your business doesn’t need to be a far-fetched idea. Whatever you do, we can turn those IoT dreams into reality and find the perfect fit for you.

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Transforming transport

Our driving experience is being revolutionised by IoT. Apps and services are giving us everything from in-car Wi-Fi and incredible entertainment, all the way through to faster, more insightful diagnostics and maintenance.

Changing utilities

Using IoT can improve energy efficiency and any outages can be handled more effectively with remote site monitoring. Manage your energy flow through smart energy grids and smart meters, allowing for more accurate bills and lots more customised offers.

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IoT-enabled devices can offer important patient benefits, like connected ambulances and providing staff with a 24/7 connection. We can ensure ambulance crews have access to high bandwidth internet capabilities, and tablets holding patient records. This means that information can be sent to hospitals in real time.


Commercial security is getting smarter. Protect valuable assets and keep your buildings safe by connecting your CCTV and alarms to monitor them easily. Body cam footage can also be stored remotely. Our network is built for data so it’s perfect for systems like these.

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Be the leader in customer engagement for retail. Help customers beat the queues with connected handheld devices, allowing them to buy products instore, or even just when they’re nearby. From personalised billboards to tailored signage and more engaging experiences.

Secure data

Never lose your crucial info again. As the best network for data, we can make sure that mobile connectivity backs up everything you need. Giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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Why Three?

As part of the CK Hutchison Group, Three’s mobile connectivity reaches over 200 countries. Working with us means you’ll be connected anywhere in the world.

How Three can help you