The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has blown people over with its revolutionary design. No buttons, curved front and rear to fit beautifully into your palm, and, of course, that huge display with minimal bezel action. Which means a bigger, better screen. In fact, the new S8 has what's known as an infinity display, which looks a lot like its namesake infinity pool. And conjures up all of those images of luxury and calm that infinity pools do, too. So here are some infinity pools to enjoy as you gaze lovingly into your new S8 handset, imagining what it would be like to take a plunge into that big, glorious screen that seems to go on endlessly.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is lots of things: innovative, user-friendly, practical, gorgeous and the-phone-to-beat-all-phones are just a few that spring to mind.

Most impressive, perhaps, is the phone’s truly revolutionary, stunning design. Samsung has bid adieu to the home button, so expect a perfectly smooth, glossy front. The bezels are so slim on the S8 that the phone is practically ALL screen. And the S8 has those glorious curves at the front and back, which not only make it an aesthetic triumph, but ensure it’s super comfortable to hold and use.

Now, let’s get some more deets on that S8 screen everyone’s non-stop talking about, shall we? It’s a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen with quad-HD+ infinity display (the S8+ is an even larger 6.2 inches). Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back make it durable as well as stunning to behold. Even though the screen is massive, the minimal bezel action keeps the phone compact and easy to use.

Yep, this baby is all screen, all the time. For your viewing pleasure, naturally. This phone is designed for your media watching and binge-gaming needs, so it has an aspect ratio of 18:5:9, making it taller and slimmer than most phones you’re used to, with a 2960 x 1440 resolution. You can stream HDR shows from Amazon Prime and Netflix on it. A Video Enhancer function lets you adjust contrast and brightness in those apps for the crispest images when you’re watching.

Glass, metal accents on the sides and the coloured back all combine to seamlessly create a truly beautiful phone. The S8 is available in sleek Midnight Black and shiny Orchid Grey. Both colours are timeless, elegant and make us feel a bit like Gollum with the ring. Not in a creepy way. We just like holding it.

Although the home button is gone and the back camera is now flush for a smoother overall feel, the phone still boasts a fingerprint sensor (now at the back) and iris scanner, headphone jack and two cameras. Find out why we’re obsessing over the cameras here.

The S8 also boasts IP68 dust and water resistance, which means that, in theory, it can survive at the bottom of a swimming pool for up to half an hour (submerged up to 1.5 metres).

But hey, don’t take that as an invitation to take underwater selfies in your summer holiday infinity pool – cos really that function is meant for emergencies only. Instead, have a browse of these stunning pictures and to see how much the new S8 actually looks like an infinity pool. No seriously, like, think about it. Endless screen? Endless water? Beautiful reflections? Also, like an infinity pool, it gives you that feeling of luxury and beauty every minute of your life.

TBH, you don’t need to go to Bali to get the infinity pool experience anymore (but Indonesia is one of our Go Roam countries, so if you do go, you won’t be charged international roaming fees, wooohoooooooo!). You can just gaze lovingly at your S8 instead.


1. Crystal clear vision


Something about this one kinda reminds us of how crisp and accurate the display is.


Vichit Thailand infinity poolJen Barton


2. Expansive Display


Look it, sprawling over the horizon. *sigh*


South Africa infinity poolGetty via Hoxton/Martin Barraud


3. Immersive viewing


Something about this pool just draws us in. Kinda like the S8, jus’ sayin.



4. Edge-to-edge screen


Just think about the hours of TV you’ll be watching on this display. You may never be able to work again.



5. Limitless potential


Where does the pool end and the S8 begin?



6. A bezel-free experience


This is actually what using the S8 would feel like on a day-to-day basis.



7. Breathtaking design





8. Total luxury


Infinity pools and Samsung S8s – both designed to make your friends jealous.



9. Infinity in the palm of your hand


There are no words. Just endless aesthetic joy.



10. Pure viewing pleasure


What’s better, the view from an infinity pool or watching perfectly HD Netflix on your new S8?



11. Refreshing and incredible


Oh no wait, this is actually the S8+.