iOS 10 isn’t just another update: It has tons of cool features designed to make your life easier, from helping you remember where you parked your car to simplifying how you unsubscribe from mailing lists. And don’t even get us started on how good the new emojis are…

If you’re the type of person who hesitates when it’s time to install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone 7 or iPad, wondering if it’s going to change much or if you’re just signing up to a lot of hassle and a bricked iPhone, we feel you.

But the iOS 10 update can seriously improve your iPhone, and therefore your life, so it’s really worth clicking update this time. You won’t regret it – trust us.

1. You can now specify which convos you want to turn read receipts on and off for

With some people, it’s no big deal if you’ve read their message and haven’t responded. When it’s the ex you’re desperately trying to avoid, it’s a BIG problem. iOS 10 lets you turn read-receipts on or off on a per-conversation basis. Just tap the “i” icon at the top of any conversation in iMessage and toggle the Read Receipts switch on or off. Super stalkers… your days are numbered.


2. Your emoji game will improve exponentially

iOS 10 offers over 100 new emojis: Enough said.

You’ll also be able to embed emoji characters into iMessages – just tap the emoji icon to see which words can be swapped out for emojis in the text.

3. A clutter-free inbox

Mailing list emails clogging up your inbox? No more – unless you want to be on ’em, that is. iOS 10’s Mail app has a new Unsubscribe link that pops up on emails that come from mailing lists. Just hit the blue shortcut link, then confirm your decision on the next pop-up and Mail will do the dirty work for you.


4. It’s simpler than ever to find your photos

Remember that one Glasto photo when you managed to apply glittery eye makeup successfully for the first and only time ever and you looked amazing but it happened back in 2012 and you’ve never been able to find the pic again despite hours of searching on your phone? Through. Every. Single. Pic. You. Ever. Took.

You’ll be able to find it in no time now thanks to a new iOS 10 search feature, where you tap on the search icon and type in a description of what you’re looking for: “sunset,” “dog,” “festival glitter makeup,” etc. and let Apple have a look for you.

5. It will help you sleep

Not sleeping sucks. So does waking up feeling more exhausted than ever. iOS 10’s new Bedtime feature in clock is here to help change your sleep patterns (and possibly turn you into one of those people who gets optimal sleep and wakes up feeling refreshed, aka the type of person you currently can’t stand).

Bedtime asks you what time you’d like to wake up each morning and how much sleep you’d ideally get, and your phone will buzz with alerts and reminders of when you should be thinking about heading off to sleep.

6. Bilingual texting has arrived

For those who have to switch between keyboards to text in another language, this is another huge bonus of iOS 10 – you can now easily text in two languages. For the rest of us, this is making us wish we could speak another language. Duolingo, here we come.

7. You can be lazier than you ever dreamed thanks to “raise to wake”

This is literally the best news ever for when we’re just waking up and are feeling too lazy to do anything more than lift up our phone from the nightstand. Now, thanks to iOS 10’s new “raise to wake” feature, the display lets you see notifications without pushing a single button.

This will only work in phones with Apple’s latest motion co-processors, i.e. the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the iPhone 6s series and the iPhone SE.


8. Your messages will be oh-so-pretty

Snapchat, watch your back. iMessage is seriously awesome now. The iOS 10 upgrade offers features aplenty like doodles, GIFs, stickers, and even ink styles that let you choose invisible ink for a message that needs to be scratched off. You can also scribble in your own writing and draw on top of videos. One potential downside? We don’t know how you’re ever going to get any work done ever again.

9. Maps will be your new obsession

The upgraded Maps feature now offers suggestions on where you’re most likely to go, and updates you on the best ways to get there to avoid traffic jams and delays. You can also book rides and restaurants through Maps, and it will even tell you places to shop on your journey. Even better: now Maps remembers where you parked your car by dropping a pin at the spot – especially handy when you have no idea where you’ve left it.

10. Siri just got even better

Is Siri already your best friend? Join the club. Now Apple’s voice assistant is going to be even better since she’s linked up to other App Store apps. Siri will be able to send money through Square Cash and book a ride through Lyft – all through the sound of your voice.

Main image: Unsplash via Jaz King