These apps are totes essential for ensuring you have the best St. Paddy’s Day ever – you have fun and they keep you organised (and help you find your keys). You’re welcome.

So, you’re getting ready for the St. Paddy’s Day festivities, digging out your shamrock hats and anything – well, everything – green in your wardrobe. Maybe you’re heading to a parade or going on a big night out? Or planning a fun weekend getaway to celebrate like the Irish, with the Irish (thanks to Go Roam, you can get down with the locals in Dublin, live-stream all of your hilarious antics to your friends on social media, and not get charged any roaming fees).

No matter what your plan for the party day is, we’ve got your back. There are a bunch of apps on your iPhone that’ll help you survive what will inevitably end up a chaotic evening (or get you through Saturday/Sunday morning/afternoon, depending on when you wake up, you mess).

Here are four of our favourite apps (excluding Uber, because a) it’s too obvious and b) you’re becoming a little too dependent on it) to make sure you get through St. Paddy’s Day in one piece. Sláinte!

Tile (free, kind of) Android, iPhone

OK, so we’re kind of cheating. It’s not strictly an app (the Tile gear isn’t free).

But we’ve all been there: you wake up the morning after a night out, slowly regain your bearings amid hazy memories and go through the checklist. Do I have all my body parts? Check. Did I make it home? Check. Glass of water by the bed? Check. Phone, keys and wallet? No, no, no! Nowhere to be found, although admittedly, you have a limited range of movement so won’t be going too far today…

You can use the Tile to locate your phone within an impressive 100 feet and once that’s done, as long as you have a Tile connected to your keys, or nestled in your wallet, you can do the same for them (Have you seen our piece on all the cool tech you can link your Samsung phone to? The Tile is one of our faves). That early morning panic as you scramble for your essentials is a thing of the past. You’re welcome, St. Paddy’s Day revellers.

Orderella (free) Android, iPhone

You’ve picked your venue of choice, there’s a queue to order, and you don’t fancy the kerfuffle. And you’re just not in the mood to push past people on a busy night and *gasp* leave the comfort of your seat. We feel you. Life’s a struggle, but fortunately for you, Orderella is here and expanding into bars and restaurants across the whole of the UK.

Instead of going through the laborious task of leaving said comfy seat to order your food and drinks, you order, pay on your phone and either get your items delivered to your table or pick them up from the till point when it’s all ready. Now that’s what we call service.



Yplan (free) iPhone, Android

St. Paddy’s Day and your mates have left it late to plan a decent night? All the bars are packed to the bleachers and you don’t fancy having to stand in the club and have your personal space violated just because you’re unorganised.

Yplan comes to the rescue, finds events that are going on in your city and lets you book seats and tickets, invite friends, read reviews and pay in two touches. Unfortunately, it’s only running in London, Bristol and Dublin right now, though they promise more cities soon. Still, for those lucky enough to be in one of those places, there’s your night out sorted. That trip to Dublin is looking even more tempting now, isn’ t it?

SideChef (free) Android, iPhone

After the aforementioned key, phone and wallet fiasco that the Tile helped you fix, you’re ready to face the day. That is, until the hunger sets in and you realise you haven’t eaten yet.

Food is essential for post-St. Paddy’s Day fuelling, and with an integrated timer and over 3,500 step-by-step recipes based on the ingredients you have in your cupboard, the Sidechef app is ideal. Recipes are often created by your favourite food bloggers and you can even upload your own masterpieces after you’ve conquered the kitchen – if you can manage to resist your culinary treats long enough to snap a photo of ‘em.


Main image: Pexels via Picography