So - you wanna spend turkey day in the UK and not feel weird? Try these 5 apps to make your day feel a little more authentically USA... 1) HappiJar - a gratitude app that let's you remember memories you're thankful for. 2) Meetup - get together with other Thanksgiving celebrators and moan about how cold it is over here 3) Cookpad - a place where your friends and family back home can share and send recipes for your dinner party 4) Earthcam - watch the Macy's Day Parade from the UK! It's possible! 5) Design My Night - find out about all your local Thanksgiving menus, deals and and events. 6) Couple - for people in an LDR, this app will keep you feeling close.

Turkey day is nearly here and for all you yanks living out here in the UK, it can kinda suck. No porches. No candied yams. Where are all the gourds?! WHERE ARE ALL THE GOURDS.

It’s ok though – we understand that even though you love our sarcasm, drizzle, and grumpy news presenters, you need to have just a lil’ connection to your folks back home.

So, here are some apps for all you US expats out there if you’re planning to spend Thanksgiving here in Great Britain. Good luck, and remember that they’re called sweet potatoes for a reason (srsly do they really need marshmallows on top?).


The clue’s in the name, right? Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks! Which is something that our generation is really on board with, on account of the whole mindfulness and gratitude movement. HappiJar is an app that helps you keep on top of your good memories and thankful moments…you can write your good vibes on a button, store it in a virtual jar, and ‘shake’ the jar to reveal a joyful tidbit from your past. Start doing it today, and the 24th will be lit.

Free on iTunes.


If you’re feelin’ kinda lonesome and missing your friends back home, just take a moment and remember there are well over 200,000 Americans living here in Britain. And chances are, lots of them are also looking to make friends who actually understand how bizarre and badly planned an entire nation’s plumbing can be. Anyway, download Meetup and look for other people planning Thanksgiving celebrations or coffee dates in your area. And enjoy venting to someone about how eggs definitely need to be refrigerated.

Free on iTunes and Google Play.


Don’t make the same mistake as last year and try to make your grandmother’s green bean casserole from memory. Cookpad is a recipe social network that allows all your family back home to share their Thanksgiving recipes with you word for word – so if you’re hosting your own dinner party, you can get that cornbread spot on.

Free on iTunes and Google Play.


Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s pretty hard to tune into NBC from the middle of Birmingham, but Earthcam will have a live link to the New York streets so you can see the Girl Scouts’ leading float in its full glory. Might be worth checking the Macy’s Facebook page as well, though; they also sometimes have a cheeky webcam on the go.

Free on iTunes and Google Play.


Design My Night

The saviour app for all the expats poisoned by inertia and apathy. All you do is plug in your postcode and you can start searching for cool events near you that might actually rouse you off the sofa and away from your Netflix. They’ve got a whole folder on Thanksgiving menus and restaurants as well, so get your surly British gang together and show them how it’s done.

Free on iTunes.


Probably the hardest time to live abroad in the holidays is when your SO is back home and you miss them with all your heart and soul and limbs and everything omg where are you my life my love etc. If you don’t already have Couple (a bastion of LDR apps) then get it on your phone right now. You can send each other private photos, messages, thumbprint kisses and sketch each other little holiday messages. Nawh.

Free on iTunes and Google Play.