There are so many amazing and hilarious costume choices if you're heading to Comicon this weekend, but we suggest taking your love of tech to the next level. Will you come as a phone? As a glowing superhero? Or maybe your fave mobile game? We've got some inspiration to sort you out, if you're still scrabbling for ideas, that is...

Guys, Comicon is coming to London this weekend and, understandably, we’re excited. For the normies out there unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Comicon – just imagine a conference dedicated to all the best comic book, sci-fi, fantasy and gaming titles out there.

Although this year’s line up will include some pretty sweet stuff (guest appearance from the original Hulk, amiright?) and is set to be a huge event filled with book signings, panel talks and a million photo opportunities, we all know that the best thing is the cosplay.

Cosplay (costume play, keep up) is like extreme fancy dress, except you’re dressing up with a specific reference to a film, TV show, computer game, book or product. People spend thousands of pounds on their costumes, and sometimes they take months to perfect.

If you’re thinking of visiting London’s ExCeL centre for this year’s convention (or just skulking around outside) then here are some cosplay ideas that are inspired by the tech we know and love. Plus, we’ve thrown in a few creative ways for you to use your iPhone. Jus’ sayin.

The classic glowing superhero costume

No Comicon is complete without at least 500 people dressed as superheroes. If you want to take your costume to the next level, why not use the battery-powered fancy torch in your pocket to help add an authentic glow? There are so many opportunities for you to wrap your phone in coloured plastic, position it, and let it pulse with light. Maybe on the wrist as a kind of laser beam? Or as a classic Iron Man arc reactor…

The social media costume

h a l l o w e e n p a r t t w o

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No, we’re not just talking about writing the word ‘book’ on your face – this is Comicon, people. You need to take it seriously. At least spend a bit of time working on a costume that has some social relevance. You’ve seen our Snapchat make-up tutorials, which is a start, but there’s a plethora of other Snapchat or Instagram-related costumes out there that’ll have you swimming in knowing looks and nods of approval.

The steampunk costume

Have to admit I have a bit of new phone case envy @abcdoes X #steampunk #steampunkphonecase #phonecase #phonecaselove

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If you’re looking for a techie cosplay look but also appreciate all things retro, then the Industrial-Revolution inspired steampunk movement is a good way to go. Think Victorian aesthetic meets computer game character, steampunk is all about corsets, lace-up details, goggles and weird bits of made-up machinery. If there’s ever been a reason to make yourself a DIY nuts-and-bolts themed phone case, this is it.

The gaming costume

This symmetra was so incredible! Tag her if you know her! #acen2017 #symmetra #overwatch #overwatchcosplay

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Comicon is also a place for serious gamers, and this is a great chance to pay homage to your favourite game by converting your phone into some kind of handheld space-shield, or adding more glowy bits. Kinda like on this awesome Overwatch cosplay seen at this week’s Anime Central event in the US.

Or, of course, you can also champion your favourite mobile game. Coming as Clash of Clans would be pretty epic, but we’ve seen some amazing attempts at Candy Crush cosplay that will probably have mouths watering and hands automatically swiping in your general direction.

The pure-and-simple phone costume


Ah, our favourite. If you really want to pay respect to your favourite tech this weekend, surely there’s no better way than by dressing as your iPhone? Or maybe even as the new Samsung Galaxy S8? It couldn’t be easier (cardboard box + paint) and you could even make people’s day better by taking fully charged battery packs or signal boosters. Basically acting as a battery-boosting communication lord.

Then again, you could always just bring your dog.


Case closed.

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