Yes, we’ve all been working from home a lot. But it’s not exactly what we’d call flexible working. What if we could change that? What if you could live the remote working dream, and swap your desk for a deck chair? Enter, our summer competition: Desk-ination Three.

Working from home. Flexible working. Remote working. For most of us, that’s meant being in the same room, looking at the same four walls. Sometimes helping with a maths class. Going on mute when the dog barks. We’ve stuck it out, and made working from home, well, work. But it’s not exactly what we’d call flexible. What if we could change that? What if you could live the remote working dream, and swap your desk for a deck chair? Enter, our summer competition. Enter, Desk-ination Three.

Life Needs a Big Network

You may have noticed we’ve made some changes. It’s a new dawn at Three, and we want you to know we’re with you wherever life goes. During the little and the life-changing moments. Whether we’re finding joy in everyday home life. Or getting out and exploring. Our phones usually come along for the ride. That’s why life needs a big network. We understand that you need your phone or your laptop to work wherever you do. So how about getting seamless connectivity in the most wonderful of places, like the beach?

Desk-ination Three

With Desk-ination Three, we welcome you to work from paradise. From 5 August, we’ll be taking over a corner of Margate beach with our Desk-ination hut and Three Connected Parasols. So, you could jump onto your calls with the sound of the sea around you. Sort your spreadsheets with your toes in the sand. And get all your work done while enjoying a fully 5G-connected corner of heaven.

Just a stone’s throw from historic Dreamland, you can comfortably do your job from a beautiful location. Our hut is designed like a tiny home-style cabin. It’s got a desk and chair for you to get down to business, and comfy cushions so you can chill out and enjoy the view. Plus, you’ll have your own cooler to stay refreshed.

Or, you can get set up in one of our Three Connected Parasols. Your own desk and shade, right on the beach. With Wi-Fi, phone charging, the works.

How it works

You can take part in our Instagram competition until 23:59 on 2 August. Then, our lucky winners will have the chance to snap up some work-from-beach time. We’ve got 3 x 2.5 hour slots up for grabs each day, and don’t worry – the huts and parasols will be cleaned down in between each session.
Check out our Instagram competition for more information.

Also, make sure you keep an eye out for our holiday edition of Three Live – Unboxing on the Beach. Our Three Live hosts will take to the shore for a live unboxing out in the beautiful sunshine. Or maybe the rain. It is the UK, after all.

And don’t forget to grab an ice-cream from outside our Three Broadstairs store on 5 and 6 August as well.

So come on, start living the remote working dream, and get set up beside the seaside.