So many features, so little time. We know that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are full of sparkly things but, tech aside, they’re actually going to impact our lives on a daily basis. The water resistance means that we can finally watch a movie in the bath, or listen to music on the beach without the fear. You know what we’re talking about. The dual-camera on the iPhone 7 Plus has a proper zoom for the first time, so holiday photos or celebrity stalking attempts never have to look pixelated again. Plus, the Portrait mode gives you that sharp-face fuzzy-background effect that looks so profesh and amazing. Yes, we’re mourning the headphone situation too, but we’re also excited. A future with no wires means no tangles, and that’s enough to make us smile through the pain.

The iPhone 7 is yet another example of classic Apple technology. It’s not the latest iPhone, but it’s a great budget option to get hold of some iOS goodness. That’s why we think these iPhone 7 features can genuinely improve your life, all for a great price. You can check out all about the latest and greatest iPhone tech on our website.

It’s waterproof (ish)

Okay, the iPhone 7 isn’t fully waterproof. But it’s splashproof and water-resistant, with an IP67 rating. So, there’s no need to panic if you drop your phone into a puddle – it’ll make it out alive. You won’t need to worry about dropping your phone down the toilet or in the bath, either. Water-based anxiety cured, just like that.

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The camera is superb

Considering it’s further down the line of Apple manufacturing, the iPhone 7 camera is still impressive. With a 12MP lens that also offers 4K video, you’ll never miss a thing again. It also has an ƒ/1.8 aperture, which basically means it’s great in low light. Perfect for those late night parties or shots of wildlife after dark. The iPhone 7 camera quality will wow you in any situation.
We’ve got some great tips on how to get the perfect pic of fireworks too. They’re the best way to flex your skills at low light photography on Insta.

The battery life got better

The iPhone 7 battery life got a significant upgrade when it was released. Awesome. Nobody likes a flat battery, right? So, now you can Snapchat, sleep track, Spotify stream and more, all without running out of power. You can expect to get around 2 hours more from the iPhone 7 battery than we had in the iPhone 6S. That’s 2 more episodes of your fave show on Netflix!

And, if you need to make sure your battery will last, check out our tips on saving your iPhone battery life.

iPhone 7 features

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